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  1. It might work for for a while, but those frayed wires will increase the resistance of that wire, and will heat up at that point. If it were mine, and replacing the entire wire is not an option, I would cut out the bad section and solder in a new section.
  2. I Inherited Dad's Tractor

    Thank you for all the positive comments. Lynnmor, yes, I intend to use two setscrews at 90*, and either put a flat on the axle or drill a small indent. I will also put a flat on the hub for the locknuts. Yes,the hood scoop... When I got the tractor it was gloss black and stuck out like a sore thumb... The (almost) matching paint made it blend better. I think I am actually starting to like it too! FWIW, my Brother told me the scoop came off the Bolens tractor he took the engine from. Wall fish, the attachment on the front is actually a hitch mount. Dad made it because he had trouble turning around when moving boats and trailers around. He made it so you could still open the hood with a 2” ball attached. It might work as a weight bar too!
  3. Dealer List

    It appears South Carolina has been left off! I discovered this ad in the paperwork that came with the tractor my Dsd bought in 1971. Sorry for the poor pictures...
  4. I Inherited Dad's Tractor

    Gentlemen, Thank you for the warm welcome! Regarding the hubs I am machining, I have some concerns about the steel I am using. I believe it to be 1018, but since it was a scrap piece, I cannot be sure. This tractor will be used regularly, but will not see the heavy duty use it got with my Dad. I may put the plow on and make a few passes for my wife's garden, but that will be about the extent of it. I fear the keyway in the new hubs may not hold up? I do have a couple of options. I can case harden the whole hub after it is fully machined, or I can sleeve the hub with a harder (4140?) steel. If you notice in the picture, the hubs are MUCH beefier than the stock cast iron ones, and will easily accept a sleeve. When I was machining them, I thought "who needs wheel weights if you make your hubs heavy enough"! They are not done, but this is where I am now. Please give me your thoughts! One other thing, the tractor looks a LOT better in the pictures than it does in person! I has lots of "character"... But this is a working tractor, not a show piece. Thanks for all the input!
  5. I Inherited Dad's Tractor

    Sparky, No, I don't have any "before" pictures. I think Mom (who turns 101 in December) may have some in her collection. I will have to ask. Regarding the condition, a couple of the things my Dad taught me: 1) Buy good equipment and 2) take care of it and it will take care of you. Dad did not baby this tractor, but it was always stored inside and got regular maintenance.
  6. Hello folks! New guy here. My Dad bought a new Wheel Horse Raider 10 on September 2, 1971. I drove that tractor many times as a teenager. I believe some of my Dad's best times were the times he was on his Wheel Horse. He loved that tractor! He used it to cut grass, plow his garden and drag trailers and boats around the yard. Dad passed away in 1995, and my older brother took possession of the tractor and did a complete restoration on it. He used it sparingly, and about 2 months ago, he asked me if I wanted it... Of course I did! Along with a plow, dozer blade, harrow and wheel weights, I was given a time capsule of information on this tractor. I even have an original newspaper ad for Wheel Horse tractors that lists about 10 local dealers. While in my brother's possession, the 10hp Tecumseh ignition went south, and he replaced the engine with a 14hp Tecumseh. This is one of the things I would have done differently, as now the tractor has a hole in the hood with a Bolens hood scoop... The good news is my brother completely rebuilt the 14hp engine and it runs great. He also gave me the original engine. Since I took possession, I have replaced the throttle and choke cables with the correct ones, and made a bracket to hold the cables and replaced and rerouted the fuel lines. I replaced the front tires and glass blasted the rims and repainted them. Three of the tires on the tractor were the original Wheel Horse branded tires. The rears are still original. I replaced the original seat, which was pretty ratty, and made some spacers to give me a little more leg room. I have plans to work on the fit of the hood, as it got a little warped on a wild ride down a steep hill at my Brother's house... I also plan to replace both rear hubs with some billet steel hubs I am making. The rear needs axle seals, and one hub has been welded up and looks really ugly... I am going to try to attach pictures... Let me know what you think. I know Dad would be proud to see his Horse still kicking!