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  1. Picked up my new toy today

    Have to get the '79 out of the shed......might have to do that tomorrow and mow some leaves anyway! I was a welder/fabricator for a lot of years so when the deck died I bent one up after work one night, it's worked good for over 12 years and not likely to rust out any time soon.
  2. Nitetimes

    This one always entertains.................
  3. Picked up my new toy today

    Thanks!! The bracket sticking out and the plug are all that's there. Not sure I'll bother with the E clutch, I'm guessing that's not a real common or cheap item to pick up. I'm really not sure what I'm gonna do with this one, only bought it because the price was right and to have a spare motor and transaxle. But after seeing some of the ones on here that have been redone I started thinking..........and we all know how bad an idea that can be!! BTW - I think I'd turn that sickle bar around!!! :notworthy:
  4. Picked up my new toy today

    Thanks...looks like a fairly active board. :notworthy:
  5. Picked up my new toy today

    OK, so electric clutch it is....The paint was gone off the letters, when I hit the dash with a flashlight it showed up. The hole is right under it but it apparently didn't register earlier. Never seen one tho, any idea where I could find a picture/diagram of one?
  6. Picked up my new toy today

    OK, now I gotta go see if I missed something. I really had no idea they had electric clutches, that was just a shot in the dark. BRB
  7. Picked up my new toy today

    I have always liked the Wheel Horses. My MIL bought the '79 in '93, traded a '75 for it. I acquired it in '97, it's cut a couple of acres a week ever since she bought it. The thing starts every time and runs fine, since she bought it it's had a fuel pump, head gasket and a tire put on it. Pretty good return on investment in my book! Me, I'll buy pretty much anything if the price is right!! LOL So says my wife anyway. I have yet to see what all the '73 is going to involve, legs wouldn't allow me to do much today so I didn't get to play with it except to put a battery charger on it.
  8. I brought home a '73 16 Automatic yesterday. Picked it up for $60 bucks. Supposed to run good but it must need a battery and terminals cleaned because the charger wouldn't crank it so it's still on the trailer. Sheet metal wise it's in better shape than the '79 that I mow with (only because the '79 is pretty much devoid of paint on the hood and fenders) but it looks like some things are missing and the hyd lever is froze as is the release valve (another reason it's still on the trailer. I need to find the manual for this one....really not even sure what controls motion. Now I have to decide whether to do this one or the '79 this winter. The plan was to drop the mower on the '79 and put it in the garage to be rebuilt this winter but this one is looking good for that position. At least if I do this one I'll still be able to cut the weeds down in the spring! It really isn't bad for 60 bucks but I will need a clutch and the controls if I put a deck under it. It almost looks like it had an electric clutch...no lever, a 2 pole plug at the clutch but no switch. There are no markings where the engagement lever would have been, it was painted once so maybe it was remove before painting...just not sure.