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  1. Ransomes Rider 61

    Hi Streve: Thanks for your reply, you have obviously given this a lot of thought, my problem is that because the engine is in the back of the Ransomes driving onto the front axle the engine needs to go in with the flywheel facing forward towards the driven axle & the radiator at the back, which mean that the engine needs to turn clockwise when viewed from the flywheel end, am I right in thinking that the Kubota like most other engines turns the opposite way? Regards Bob
  2. Ransomes Rider 61

    Hi Guys: I know it goes against the grain a bit not to be talking about Wheel Horses but I recently aquired a Ransomes Rider 61 with a blown 16hp Briggs & Stratton engine, (horizontal crank) Does anyone know of a diesel engine that will take the place of the Briggs. I was thinking of using a 3 cylinder D600 Kubota which I think is about 14hp, but being diesel I think it would be powerful enough, the problem is that the engine turns the opposite way to the Briggs which turns clockwise when looking at the flywheel. The flywheel end of the engine drives the Hydrostat & the other end drives the Cutting Deck, this would not be reversable. I think the engine needs to be between 10hp & 20hp. Can anyone help?
  3. C-140 8 Speed

    Hi Sutty: I have a starter listed on ebay in the UK if you are interested its on a buy-it-now for
  4. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Refitted the transmission this morning & put the plow against an immovable object, selected low gear & released the clutch. Even with my repair on the limited slip only one wheel turned, I think I will have to agree that it not a very well designed unit. However when I jacked up the rear end & turned one wheel I found the other wheel turned the same way, so that must be an improvement. Are there any other more efficient LSD unit in other Wheel Horses?
  5. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Sorry but I don't think you read my description properly, the piece of scaffold tube was used to expand the spring ring & will not be fitted into the transmission so it doesn't need to be spring steel, anyway as I said I will report back on its success or otherwise.
  6. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Hi again. I have now fitted a limited slip 10 pinion diff to my tractor only to find it doesn't work. I have now removed it again & having found that the spring ring is NLA I have attempted a repair. I cut a short length of scaffold tube which is almost 2" in diameter, I tapered one end of the tube & forced it inside the spring ring with a vice, I then heated the ring with a gas blow torch for 5 minutes or so, I then quenched it in oil. When I removed the ring from the tube I found it had expanded as required, my only thought is that it may now be too large putting too much pressure on the pinions, I have decided the only way of knowing this is to fit it & try it, I will fit it tomorrow & let you know the result, just hope the tractor doesn't only go in a straight line. It has been mentioned that perhaps putting a spring ring in an 8 pinion diff could make it a limited slip, does anyone know if this will actually work. Can anyone explain how the ring makes the diff limited slip.
  7. homemade concrete wheel weights

    Hi: Been looking at wheel weights myself & came up with the idea of filling the tyres with water, I just broke a small section of the bead seal near the valve on one side tilted the wheel slightly so the valve was at the highest point. then poured the water/anti-freeze mix through the gap between the wheel & tyre, with the valve core removed when the water comes out of the valve the tyre is full, replace the valve core & inflate the tyre with air to reseal the bead, I recon I got about 25 litres in each tyre, so a lot of weight. Does anyone know if this has the same efect as fitting wheel weights? I don't have weights so can't compare the two methods!
  8. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Hi: Thanks to all of you for the info on the Limited Slip Diffs, I have used one out of a Raider 12 exactly the same as in your photos & fitted it to another 8 speed for use in tractor with a snow plow. Although the diff is assembled correctly the limited slip seems reluctent to have any effect. Sometimes when I get stuck & look at the wheels & both are spinning but more often its just one spinning, has anyone any ideas what the problem is? The only thing I can think is that the sprung ring in the centre of the diff is worn or lost its strength & needs replacing. Any ideas?
  9. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Great help, thanks for the photo, I'm still confused about the five pinions that are in place without being in spindles but I supose it must work! Thanks again.
  10. Limited Slip Dif ????

    Great, thanks for the info, got one of those I will give it a try.
  11. Hi: Do any of you guys know ayything about Limited Slip Dif's I have a C-121 which we have used for the last 3 years & it has always had a noisey transmission, (8 speed) I tried to pull some heavy gang mowers out of a hole & as I expected the wheels started to spin, I looked down to see which wheel wasn't gripping & what I didn't expect to find was that both wheels were spinning, to me that would say it has a limited slip dif. As I have a later tractor to which I have fitted a snow plow I thought it would be a good idea to fit a transmission with a limited slip dif, so I decided to strip the unit to find out why it is noisey. I have removed the dif & it has 8 pinions, does this make it a limited slip? I have also removed a dif from a Raider 12 transmission which I am told should have a limited slip dif & that one has 6 pinions. I am confused, can anyone help?
  12. Tractor Identification

    Hi Guys I'm fairly new to the forum & I am trying to post a photo of a tractor I recently aquired to ask what it is, can someone please tell me how to put the photo onto the forum alongside my questions. Regards HorseBreaker
  13. C Series Parts

    Hi Guys: I have three C Series Wheel Horses at the moment two of which I use for a bit of contract mowing, the problem I have is that they are becoming increasingly expensive to maintain, I should add I am in the UK. The price of new parts over here is colossal when compared to prices in the US for example, a Deck Belt Tensioner Pulley is now in excess of
  14. Hi-Low range problem

    Hi Guys: I'm brand new to this forum but it looks great. I've been running a C121 for years doing a bit of contract work with it, from the day I bought it the transmission was noisey but it never got any worse. A few months ago I had the chance of a C125 which I thought would be great for spares, I bought it but when I got it home I found the 8 speed transmission had no low range, not knowing what the problem was & fearing bit of metal loose in the bottom, I decided to dismantle the unit. I took advice from a local Wheel Horse Repair Shop Manager who told me I would have to be very dedicated to attempt the operation. Not being one to be beaten without a fight I removed the unit & dismantled it which was surprisingly straight forward. The range selector was unfortunately one of the very last components to be removed from the case, but the problem was easily fixed. I have now repaired two of these transmissions with with the same problem. The range selector fork is made of what appears to be mild steel which is welded to a mild steel sleeve which slides onto a shaft, the fault is that this component breaks, probably from the shift being forced, the remedy is to weld it back together or buy a new selector which I am told is around