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  1. Saturday night with a Horse

    Horses dont argue
  2. Saturday night with a Horse

    Im sure it will be cool with whatever you run
  3. Saturday night with a Horse

    dont laugh, Kohlers run forever Good Luck with your endeavors...................
  4. I have never taken apart an engine and found nothing inside !!!!! This thing is SPOTLESS Runs like a Kohler should now with the right intake valve setting .009
  5. There is without a doubt, 256 hours on this tractor, i have never seen such a clean head, or piston area in my life.......and Im 60
  6. Saturday night with a Horse

    Its gotta be a Kohler for sure......dont want to be workin on that darn thing FOREVER
  7. 246 ? the hours on the tractor..... NO how about BIG PAIN IN THE A#$#
  8. so what do I name the tractor now? It starts with a half turn of the key.......no more snap ......crackle .....pop......hmmmmmm
  9. So l pulled the head.....Spotless inside so then I tried to check the intake valve clearance setting .000 set it a .009, put engine together, runs like new what causes this situation how can it change? when I adjusted, seemed like there was plenty of resistance in the lifter, and adjuster
  10. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    He has my B-80- I never felt tippy with it, maybe Dan should not mow side hills with a 45 degree angle LOL
  11. just ordered valve spring compressor, head gasket, and im on the move!!!! Taking off the head
  12. Do I tear this low hour engine apart?
  13. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looks good Chris.............proper color too, R E D
  14. Wallfish, are you on the same page as 953 NUT?
  15. its so hard to remember all of the details, but the scenario is still the same......... Sorry Was going to pull it apart tonight, but life got in my way UGH..... john