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  1. "What's it worth?" 5 tractor mega deal!

    Tractors are worth whatever someone will pay......sometimes you have to sit on stuff a long time Sparky seems right on
  2. It’s Motor Monday!!

    The 418's and the B-80..low hours on the Twin Kohlers, super running 8 HP on the 80. Original everything on all 3 machines
  3. It’s Motor Monday!!

    Another is Modification Monday!!! or Son day Sunday pics with your little one on the big Boy tractor !!!
  4. Thanks for showing me the thread !
  5. Abnormal is the of those Oh my Gosh moments
  6. Not really looking for normal type things, looking for WILD things, or weird things.....huge, etc. john
  7. So Ive been wondering just how much torque, and power these well built Tractors actually have. I have pulled a 1500 Full size Chevrolet truck on the flat with my C-160, Hydro, and it never grunted. I was introduced to these awesome machines in 1969 when a cousin would pull wheelies on his old beast on the seemed bullet proof . I was hooked then and have never waivered John Pictured is my B-80 posted for sale here only. no CL, or Ebay for me
  8. It’s Motor Monday!!

    I have a suggestion for Tuesday, if s ok with Sparky... Its TILTED HOOD TUESDAY ! Show your Horse with the hood open Lovin this site !!!!!
  9. Wheel Horse B-80 Original unmolested, with deck.

    Ok here are the pics I have been promising, let me know if you need more. http://B80 for sale
  10. Why aren't 418 A Tractors mentioned anywhere?

    Seems hard to believe that the 418 8 tractors are more rare, ive only seen a handful of A's John
  11. Front End Friday

    I will get the B 80 out of the shed and post that one little time !!!
  12. Front End Friday

    Here is a partial Red Collection...the first picture is the 418 A I purchased from Eddie Murphy. Yup that guy.....
  13. What Horse, and how old

    Its truly awesome to see all of your tractors, hear all of the stories, good and bad..... The vintage photos bring back wonderful memories. I guess Wheel Horse tractors have indeed proven their readiness, and dependability through the years. Keep the posts coming, they are truly a testament as to how much we love that "Darn Good Red Machine"
  14. Why aren't 418 A Tractors mentioned anywhere?

    I guess im fortunate to have 2 418 A's that have perfect working test lights then.. Hmmmm
  15. 418 A not charging....test procedure?

    will do, i have started to lay out my tools, and plans for the swap Thanks, Bill John