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  1. Tractor Identification

    Thanks. That’s what I was thinking. I would start out at $750. Folks here in NE Tennessee have always been taught to not buy anything if it wasn’t on sale, so I’d have to come down to $700 for em. Have a great day and God Bless.
  2. Tractor Identification

    Thanks everyone for all the information. I knew the belt was wrong. I just haven’t had time to start on it yet. I would like to get all of your professional opinions about what a tractor like this is worth just as it sits right now. I have the blade for the front also that goes with it, and it is in great condition. Thanks
  3. 1968 WH Raider 12 Cover

    I’m looking for an engine-starter/generator cover. It’s an early 68 with a 67 engine. Thanks
  4. Tractor Identification

    Thanks Brother. I’ll see what I can find.
  5. Tractor Identification

    Next question for everyone. Does anyone know where I could find the cover for the engine and starter/generator?
  6. Tractor Identification

    Thanks everyone. Every reply has been extremely helpful. Glad to be part of a great group of people.
  7. Tractor Identification

    This is the tag on the engine. But it’s only a 6 speed, unless you’re counting 2 reverse speeds.
  8. Tractor Identification

    I’m seriously confused. I recently purchased this tractor. I was told that it was a 1968. When looking at different models online, I couldn’t find a 1968 with a combination generator/starter on one. The Model and Serial Number tag is almost destroyed by painting over it. I can make out a few numbers. 1 6281 400351 Can someone help me identify exactly what this tractor is? Thanks and God Bless
  9. Matt, would you be willing to send me one to put your product to the test for this series of tractors? I’ll check for fit, or if I could make a few minor modifications for it to work. If I can make it work, I’ll pay you for it, if not, I’ll return it. I’ll contact you directly, and we can discuss what needs to be done. I believe your company would benefit from it. Thanks
  10. I have a 68 Raider 12 with a push/pull dash throttle. Would it be possible to use this peddle to change it to foot control and has anyone ever done this? My right hand just doesn’t work well enough to use the dash throttle. Thanks and God Bless
  11. Engine/Starter Belt Cover

    I’m looking for a belt cover for my Raider 12 please. If anyone had an extra, I need it ASAP. Thanks and God Bless
  12. trying to find serial #

    Thanks everyone for the help. Y’all are great.