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  1. 246-H clutch issues

    OK guys, here's my question: I have a multimeter that will measure 10amps, can I test from the clutch plug-in to the battery (+) to check for amp draw ? I'm looking for a quicker way than removing gas tank, battery and fuse block to get the check. Thanks
  2. 246-H clutch issues

    pfrederi, how do I check the clutch for amp draw? I checked the battery voltage when the switch was engaged and saw a 1+ voltage drop. Thanks
  3. 246-H clutch issues

    Thank gentlemen, you’re the best!
  4. 246-H clutch issues

    pfrederi, thanks for the suggestion. I'll check that next. I didn't know until today that the clutch had been replaced. Not sure what model it came off of. I'm guessing that I'll have to have the switch in the "on" position so I have current flow? Also, I seem to remember there was mention of an aftermarket clutch that was more reasonable. Would you know where to get those? Thanks again
  5. 246-H clutch issues

    OK guys here's my latest findings: Battery is only 3 months old. Owner says the battery runs down after using a couple times. I have 14+ vdc coming from regulator. I show 13.8 vdc going to battery. I checked the clutch to see if it showed any continuity to ground and found none and do have continuity to both clutch wires. But, the battery meter shows heavy discharge when the clutch is engaged. Also, this clutch is a used one the owner had put on to replace original. voltage is at WOT. The readings I get show the stator is putting out correct voltage (AC). Any ideas? I'm not sure where to check next. I've checked all the connections and applied dielectric grease everywhere I could get it. Am I missing something? Thanks
  6. 246-H clutch issues

    WHX17 , thanks I printed off the wiring diagram you posted. Yeah, I wondered about the meter on the dash not being accurate. I did trace the regulator wire all the way to the battery. I'll check that next. I do have a meter. I may just do as you suggest and replace the regulator and go from there. Just didn't want to go crazy replacing things that didn't need it. The battery is fresh from 02/18 so should be still good. Thanks
  7. 246-H clutch issues

    Howie, thanks for your input. I've done some checking this morning and here's what I see. (and the 11 volts I mentioned is on the battery gauge on the dash, just watching it when engaging the clutch) I have the 2 yellow wires and 1 red coming from regulator. the red one connects to a white wire that goes to a 30A fuse in the fuse block. the other side of the fuse has a red wire that goes to the starter solenoid . there are 2 relays above the fuse block that I removed and cleaned the terminals and applied dielectric grease to. Not sure what they do. I did remove the plug from the back of the switch and it looks good. I'm gonna check the output from the regulator on the red wire and see what I get . got some other things to do so it will be later. Thanks again And, 953nut, WHX17, pfrederi please add anything you think will help. I'm not good at electrical stuff! I could be way off on where the wires went cause I was swatting wasps and carpenter bees also.
  8. 246-H clutch issues

    OK guys I'm back with a short update: checked this thing out more today and here's what I have. I checked all the connections around the regulator and applied dielectric grease to each. checked/cleaned the battery terminals . the battery shows 12.5 volts not running. when I turn the switch on the battery meter(pictured in WHX17's post) shows in the green about 13v. when I crank the engine it stays about the same but, when engaging the deck it goes to about 11v. I still haven't checked the switch cause I have to pull the fuel tank to get to it and just haven't yet. I also need to have the battery load checked. that's next. from info above it appears the regulator is putting out the correct vac @26.6. I did replace a 30a fuse that looked bad but no change. going to keep checking after having the battery checked. thanks for any thoughts.
  9. 246-H clutch issues

    Here's the update guys, I tested the regulator at idle (2 yellow wires) and got 15VAC, then at WOT I got 26.6VAC. As 953nut suggested I will recheck the connections on the battery although this thing looks mighty clean. I don't know how old the battery is though. I thought about that when I tried to crank it this morning and it was barely 12 volts. after charging for 1-2 hours I had 13+v. could the battery just be used up enough that it would show discharge when the deck is engaged ? So, from what I've learned the regulator should be good and the stator also.
  10. 246-H clutch issues

    WHX17 & pfrederi : thanks guys for the input. Now I have more things to check when it stops raining. pfrederi, my first tractor was a Case VAC. pretty good old unit. moved up to International now w/60hp. also, spent some time in an M37 too. WHX17, I found the link for the regulator. after I check it I will know where to get one. I can't seem to wrap my head around why it only discharges when the clutch engages unless the clutch has a short in the winding. Or, it could be the regulator is just not allowing it to charge . more to come. thanks a bunch guys
  11. 246-H clutch issues

    OK guys, here's what I've found so far: Engine off/key off I have 12.4v at battery. Then, at WOT/no deck engagement I have 12.25v at battery. Could the regulator be the culprit? it appears to be on the right side attached to the engine. Your thoughts ? Thanks . Also, I have 2 312-8's myself now and an older cub hydro.
  12. 246-H clutch issues

    Thanks a bunch guys! Since I'm just getting a first look at this machine it appears I have several things to check out first. As soon as I do I'll get back with more questions. My main concern is that if the clutch is in need of replacement, we're looking at a hefty price from what I've seen on the net. Thanks again
  13. Hi all, new to the forum. I'm looking for advice on a 246-H that I'm checking out for a family friend. The issue is that the ampmeter shows a discharge when the deck clutch is engaged. It goes back into the green when disengaged. could this be a grounding issue with the clutch? Thanks in advance for any help.