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  1. Anyone have bigger tractors?

    Gibson D Gibson D CO PAR Panzer Power King 1958 IH Cub Lo-Boy 1948 Case VAI 1947 Case DI 1946 JD LA 1927 Fordson 1923 Fairbank Morse Z engine
  2. Kohler K 341

    Well the timing checkd out good, so cleaned out the carb again and it still ran bad. Decided to swap the carb with the one from my D-160 to the C-160 and she ran GREAT so it looks like the problem is in the carb. Thank you all for the help
  3. Kohler K 341

    The problem started at the end of last winter,I only use it for snow blowing. I'll check the timing when I get home tonight thanks
  4. Kohler K 341

    The old muffler burnt up so i have a new Farmall Cub one on it now. The engine is clean has good air flow. How do i check the timing?
  5. Kohler K 341

    Have a problem with my C 160 the engine gets way to hot the exhust will glow cherry red after only few minutes and when i throttle it down it will backfire. The point gap was at .024 changed it to .020 no change then .018 and was a little batter but still hot and backfired. played with the carb ran it as lean as i could get it and then adj the needle to the get as rich as possible with no luck. pulled the head off valves and seats look good very little carbon. The engine seems to have a lot of power and will idle fine. Between the adjustments that were done i would let the engine cool off for few hours . Any ideas on what to look for? Thanks
  6. i'm going to try to get there sat,
  7. Bernardston gas engine show and flea market

    See you in the AM
  8. CMSGMA 35th engine-uity show

    I plan on going
  9. Granby MA Charter day tractor pull and show June 12. Stone boat pull. This is a Town fair with lots of other stuff to do.
  10. Found out the garden tractor pull is for 4H members only (kids) and you have to be a member.
  11. I will bring a few Any ruels or weight limit for the pull?
  12. 1 1/8" 8 Speed Diff Question

    I have one that has been doing that for years, the noise is only when it is not in gear and you push it, no noise when driving it. Don't worry about it. :thumbs:
  13. Getting a new truck.

    Had a 2000 2WD ranger had to add 400 lbs in the bed and studed snow tires or it would not move in the snow.