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  1. Honey - Do List

    It will be a lot easier on your Hvac system as well! Nice work!👍
  2. Losing It

    Yeah my grass is usually brown and crunchy by now! Not this year!
  3. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    God speed brother! Hope all is well for you!!
  4. New to me commando :)

    I just put a kohler 8 on my 655 and it is a strong running machine I'm working now on trying to get a snow blade for it and it will be a 42 inch blade. She would have no hesitation to push . I might need some chains though.
  5. Cause of transmission failure

    Here's a pic of my dipstick out of my 312-8 that I just picked up. I called this tractor my hundred dollar turd but it obviously was abused and sat out in the weather a lot. The dipstick was rusted out really bad so I wasn't sure if any water got into the transmission. After a couple of diesel fuel fill ups and drive arounds the trans seems to be ok. The old fluid didn't have a lot of water in it. So hopefully he's OK !
  6. I think I caught HORSE IDIS

    I started in April and now I have five! I don't think there is a known cure other than support! Great find ! Send pics!
  7. Even the ugly ones need a home.

    Character !! Looks like a fun project!!please send more pics when done!
  8. Woodwork

    Here's a couple of my turnings I've done all my lathe. All right nothing like making a pile of dust. But first I have to move my tractor out of the garage !
  9. Old turd

    The title may be a little rough on the poor old girl but when I picked her up she was in pretty rough shape. Now I got er cleaned up and running put my blade on it and I am going to make it a working turd now ! Of course here in Tennessee we don't get a whole Lotta snow but ..... I will be ready!!
  10. 42" mower deck

    Great! Thanx Gary!
  11. 42" mower deck

    Here's a pic of the ID #
  12. 42" mower deck

    Thanx Gary this should help!
  13. 42" mower deck

    Would the deck I D # help? This is on a 520 h the I D # looks like 1549SC01
  14. 42" mower deck

    I'm needing the deck pulleys for a 42 inch deck. Anybody have any sources to find these pulleys?
  15. Night at the races

    Ah yes, good ole oval track we have a dirt oval near me I can hear. I use to go with the folks every week end growing up. Wasn't long after that I stared drag racing the quarter and eighth mile! Great memories!