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  1. It’s been awhile, but I’m back. The last proper update was just over a year ago, undercoating happened last summer then nothing till about a month ago. Well what a difference a month can make, ‘TIS DONE! Well all bar wiring the lights, getting some decals and sorting out a new silencer. Here are some pics from a week ago If you would like more pics of it nearly done I’ll post, or want to wait for the finished item... let me know.
  2. Really sorry for not giving an update for so long but I have good news, l got everything under coated last summer but missed the weather for top coating. I have some time now and it’s nice and warm so I’m well on towards completion. I’m keen to share this project with RS so as soon as I’m done I’ll be posting.
  3. 2017 Gardens

    Crops in the garden are getting few and far between, brussel sprouts, cabbage and leeks will continue to come in over winter but the final main crop harvest is butternut squash. A job for the weekend.
  4. 2017 Gardens

    Sorry l haven't replied sooner obone, I'm certainly no expert but here's what I do. Bags are paper sourced from a local agri feed merchant. Potatoes store well in them till spring. Stored in an outbuilding on a pallet (if it gets really cold I cover the bags with an old duvet). I grow two varieties which are known to be good keepers and that do well in my soil. Cut and clear off the haulm a couple of weeks before you plan to harvest ( helps to toughen the skins for better storage). Lift 'clean' dry potatoes, only bag undamaged, desease free tubers. Handle carefully. During the winter tip out the bags every couple of months, discard the bad ones and re bag the good. The real trick is finding a variety that suits your garden. Hope this helps.
  5. 2017 Gardens

    What better way to spend a gorgeous September afternoon than harvesting your potatoes (I can think of quite a lot of nicer things to do, but it does feel rewarding).
  6. 2017 Gardens

    Sorry to hear about your weather, too much rain over a period (especially 'summer') can be a real downer.
  7. 2017 Gardens

    Another update, bursting at the seams.
  8. Ok update, most of the project has received two coats of undercoat so I'm inching along, I plan on using this loader 'in anger' in Sept/Oct so I've created a deadline for myself. Patience loading shovel fans!
  9. 2017 Gardens

    Longest day picture update... Potatoes nearest the camera, then sunflowers, sweet corn, a gap for winter greens, then butternut squash. The other side of the wind break are beans, onions and garlic. I'll update with another pic in a few weeks.
  10. 2017 Gardens

    Harvested some beans last week. I also earthed up the potatoes, so a picture doing the job and one a week later showing how fast they recover! On the left are sunflowers.
  11. If you've never...

    And I thought my project had a short bonnet, the steering shaft must be minute!
  12. 416-8 PTO Issues

    This is just my backwards way of doing things, but I would (making sure the engine is off, key out) engage the deck and try to turn the blades. If the belts are tensioned correctly you shouldn't been able to do this very easily. If you can, observe where the slippage is occurring and that's where your problem is. Most likely the clutch plate area.
  13. Best Wheel Barrow Ever

    I use my wheelbarrow for all sorts of things, sometimes it gives me a different perspective on the world.
  14. deck height

    I don't have either tractor/deck combination your asking about but I think they all work on the same principle, the gauge wheel setting dictates the height of the cut. The only way to alter it beyond these settings is to cut with the deck in the up position or to fit larger diameter gauge wheels. Of course doing either of these will limit the 'float' of the deck in work which could lead to the deck being forced up against the underside of the tractor, leading to possible damage.
  15. Wheel 416-8

    In my opinion for $300, it would be worth snapping up, if the deck is sound there's your money. The tractor looks ok, might last and you could bang a Kohler on there if the engine fails. Of course it also depends on how far you have to travel to collect? And