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  1. I encountered a Deere fan at my house...

    That’s so cool @pullstart! You even turned someone back from the dark side
  2. The 854--Comanche

    Hey Guys—this is long overdue but I received a very cool gift from my friend @AMC RULES for my birthday. Apparently Dad knew it was coming and as always was ready with the video camera Thank you Craig and Mrs Rules, I love my new friends here on the forum you guys are great and so kind to me
  3. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Grandpa’s first car was a ‘66 Tempest with a 326 and a 3spd. By the time he was done with it, it had a souped up 389 Tri-Power with a 4spd out of a junkyard ‘Vette. He also went to the “guards” with a buddy that drove a 327 powered ‘66 Nova that was really high winding and quick! Sparky—it should be pretty easy to find a “shark nose” Chevy! Those are pretty common around here. Sarge thanks for the stories and a great bunch of cars to choose from...
  4. Iola Car Show ‘18

    This is for you Richie 1965 Mark IV
  5. Iola Car Show ‘18

    Today me and Dad are going down to the Iola car show.My Dad has been going to this show with his dad (aka grandpa) since 1991.This will be my second time at he show and I am really excited Iola has different themes of cars so this year the theme is movie cars. Cruzing down the road now following grandpa and grandma in her ‘72 LeMans. Cruz’n in Dad’s ‘69 goat in which he took me from the hospital when I was a baby. Chime in with your personal favorite muscle car and I’ll try to get you a pic of it because there is thousands of cars here.
  6. Wow @Shynon, at first I thought it was @WHX20‘s line up but you don’t have 20 tractors (or is it 21) in that lineup
  7. The 854--Comanche

    That’s what I’ve been telling @PeacemakerJack!!! Someone had been procrastinating!
  8. The 854--Comanche

    So today at the job site we were waiting for a door to arrive, while we were waiting I went on the forum and gave likes to some great posts.Then all of the sudden it says I can’t give any more likes today. You know what I say to that... Anybody else share my thoughts?!?!Can’t a guy share some likes around here!?!?
  9. I’ll be following as this project continues
  10. "GhostRider" another 314-8

    They worked great and were useful all at the same time, funny how work can be fun when a tractor and attachment is involved
  11. The 854--Comanche

    Yeah, we finally got to it today out of all the other times we could have done it I wonder why, @PeacemakerJack any ideas?

    No problem @JPWH I was happy to do it for a fellow member!!!
  13. 4th of july plans

    I’m thankful to Kraig @AMC RULES for a great deal
  14. The 854--Comanche

    Thanks all you guys for all the support you have given me on this projectThere is still some stuff to still work out (belt guard, drive belt, hubs, etc...)on the tractor, but will get him rock'n and roll'n very soon.
  15. The 854--Comanche

    Well i will never stop thanking you!I got more time at the show and with forum members all because of you.Thank You!