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  1. The 854--Comanche

    Well i will never stop thanking you!I got more time at the show and with forum members all because of you.Thank You!
  2. The 854--Comanche

    Well just you wait @JPWH it'll transform from a nice tractor to a clean tractor soon
  3. The 854--Comanche

    It all started when I went to one of @WHX20's plow days and took one of his round hoods out for a spin,and thats when I was hooked.Then when we saw that 854 for sale I really wanted to have it Then dad said it was in NJ my heart sank to my feetbut dad said he'd look into shiping it and getting the money for it.So that gave me some hope of getting it Well then @WHX20 offered to ttake us to the BS in PA since his wife didn't want to go this year and @ACHTO didn't want to go at first.Since April we had wanted someone to take that 854 to the show two days before we left for the show @Sparky decided to take it to the show for me.Saved us time and money,thank you @Sparky!!!! He delivered it and it was great we only had to do a little clean up on the outside with gas,put a little bit of oil and gas in it and put a new battery in it and it started right up
  4. The 875 in Action

    Can't wait to meet you too @19richie66 so excited I can barely keep on my seat Faster,Jim,faster!!! BTW--We have a smaaall present for you
  5. The 875 in Action

    We started at @WHX20's house and then we are now we are going on the long,long,long,long way to Pennsylvania laughing all the way. While listening to eastbound and down again,again,and again.
  6. Been Propositioned

    At first I didn't believe that a rustbucket like that could run Then I found out the hard way that it runs as smooth as it would brand new Nice survivor tractor@WHX20
  7. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    I can't seem to see why
  8. 854 and blade from East Hanover, NJ to Big Show

    Thank you @Sparky that would mean so much to me I am really excited for the BS since this is my first time I will definately throw in a drink and chips with the burger Thank you from the bottom of my heart
  9. New guy to a WH

    toRobbie C
  10. Plainfield Antique Tractor Show

    Looks like fun wish I could have been there to see it. Also I am really excited about the big BS coming up This show just got me more excited about heading east and meeting a bunch of you. If any of you don't know I'm getting a 854 and it will be my first round hood and I can't wait to travel with my dad and my local circle buddies out to Pennsylvania to get it
  11. Plainfield Antique Tractor Show

    Hey guys! I'm sorry I wasn't on here for a long time.We couldn't remember what my password was for awhile also I was busy with life in general.Today I got to go with dad to a tractor show down on Plainfield WI.I was a little hesitant to go because I had a friend hanging out with us for the week.Now I'm really glad that I went,i got to see friends and talk with them we took some tractors along so we could plow down there.We took my grandfather, and my great uncle Roger too.We took our tractors clide,grizzly,the mule and more.We got to plow down at a field but it was not as big of a field as I thought it would be, but it was still fun none the less. We plowed for about an hour or two and had lots of fun.The ground was not as Sandy as it looked.We went back to where the other tractors were on display and we talked for a little while and then loaded everything up and headed back to the house.
  12. 2018 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE!!

    Hey Jim looks like I just might get a round hood after all!
  13. Coulter Caleb at Convention

    Thanks guys for the support It’s really fun here we’ve done a lot of stuff over the past few days.Today I am doing a speech,singing,and watching other people do there acts.
  14. I'm New--but I'm not...

    Thanks Jim,I really had fun at your plow days driving on your round hoods.And maybe somday I'll get a round hood of my own to drive.I'm going to be gone at a competition for the next several days so I won't be able to post on here until I'm back.I'll be running,singing, and speaking at convention and so I'm going to be busy.I'll see if dad can post some pics of me in convention in the off topic section.
  15. I'm New--but I'm not...

    Thanks guys it's good to be on the forum.Can't wait to see what friendships I will make here.And strengthen the friendships that have already been made.