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  1. Should this pin tap out?

    'Morning everybody, thanks for all the info. I am going to taking the slow and gentle method to get the pin out; heat/wd40/tap one way then the other. I'll give this a week or so as there is no rush, hopefully it will work if not I can borrow a hydraulic gear puller that might be persuaded to push it out. Great photos of the snow plough/dozer, it's amazing what pushing power these tractors have! How do you think a blade like these would handle grading our track? I will be using stone a little coarser than in Jeff's photos. I can get the delivery truck driver to draw the pile out as he tips it, but it will still need a lot of pushing around to fill the potholes.
  2. Should this pin tap out?

    Good point there lynnmor, I'll go easy on the heat, just a hot air paint stripper not a torch! Will take your advice Tankman there's no rush, I'll let it soak between attempts. Thanks again for all the info.
  3. Should this pin tap out?

    Thanks for the info, I guessed that was the case, it's probably never been out from new! I don't want to use too much force in case of damaging the casing, so will be patient and use alternate penetrating oil and heating to see if I can free it. Very interested in what looks like a front blade you have fitted Jeff, any chance of a photo oor two? Chris
  4. I have recenty bought a 312-8 which is scruffy but running quite well. I want to make a 'wheelie bin' (garbage bin) carrier to fit on the back to take the bin down our 400yd long track, but cant figure out how to remove the existing towing hitch. Should the pin supporting it tap out after removing the circlips? I have tried penetrating oil and warming it to free it, but it seems jammed solid. Any advice welcome!