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  1. pics from the dorset steam fair

    Yes Andy I still usually call it the Stourpaine steam fair as I attended the very first one over 40 years ago. It in those days it only covered about 2/3 fields and was in a different location much closer to the village of Stourpaine. Very happy memories of lots of years attending the show. Excellent meeting up with everyone. Will have to do it again. Just going out to do some log hauling with my C141. Cheers for now. Roly.
  2. More Dorset Steam Fair Pics

    Hi Rich, yes you are right. We owned an identical Bristol about 45 years ago and my father built a vertical bracket under the nose of the Bristol with a perfectly round log and a spindle through it, this was able to swivel and this stopped the nose dropping. It was a superb tractor to drive and had good pulling power. I used to drive it around at the age of 10. As Richard said it did indeed bring back happy memories. It certainly is a great show to attend, especially this year as the weather stayed good.
  3. pics from the dorset steam fair

    Great Pics Neil and what a superb day out. I have been many times and enjoy it as much every time. We also were very blessed with superb weather. I am pleased to see that you managed to find a few Horses. I also spotted the few there with Richard, who also was a first timer at the fair. Hope to meet up again before to long, also good to meet Andy and Jim also. Cheers guys. Roly C141
  4. links to photobucket

    Wow Neil, that is some collection you have there in Somerset. Here are a few pictures of the Dorset C141. http://s1231.photobucket.com/albums/ee505/...C141/?start=all As you can see I am cheating and have been hauling logs ready for the winter without the hood on. I have had a panel beater friend straighten it out just fine, but I have to spray it yet and do the wheels. My C141 will never be the best rebuild on the block, but what a great machine to do just what I bought her for, hauling logs. The Flywheel mod has made an incredible difference to the rattle and vibration, almost nil now and a steady tickover. Keep the piccies coming. Roly C141 Dorset U.K.javascript:emoticon('')
  5. C141 update re bad vibration

    Hi Kelly, yes got both sides very smooth and equal, then sprayed them black. I am sure a few on the group will be upset by my action, but with no replacement flywheel being imminent I had nothing to lose and I am happy that I now have a smooth running motor. Roly C141 Dorset U.K.
  6. Hi all, here is an update re the bad vibration and rattle etc on my C141. As mentioned before there was a fractured fin on the flywheel and I guess this had been missing for a while when it was with the previous owner. I have spent the afternoon removing the shroud and yes went ahead and trimmed the opposite fin off with an angle grinder. Not the best option as many of you posted on this group, but after putting everything back together and starting up there was a 100% improvement I am happy to say. the engine ran smoothly at tickover and full power. I trimmed the opposite fin as closely matching to the fractured one as I could and rounded all the sharp edges. I seem to have got them very equal as the improvement is incredible. I was quite surprised by the weight of the fin removed and no wonder I had such a pronounced out of balance engine. I will keep an eye open over here for a perfect flywheel and would replace it if one comes up, but until then I am happy with the result. Thanks again for all the imput. Roly C141 Dorset U.K. :)
  7. Bad rattle and vibration at higher RPM.

    Well thanks to you all for your feedback. I certainly did not mean to stir up the hornets nest and have gratefully received all the comments. Thanks Ron for your ideas on balancing and like you I only have the one Horse and and am just trying to get her running as sweet as I can. The tin work is all pretty tight although I admit there are vibrations from it I am thinking that it is coming from the fractured fin at speed. We do have one good breaker not to far away from me and he has collected quite a few now. I think I will see what he has to offer and the price and then either go for it or consider some of the other options. Many thanks again. Roly C141 Dorset U.K.
  8. Bad rattle and vibration at higher RPM.

    Thanks guys for the input. Guess I will have to find a new flywheel and hope this sorts it out. As I say at tickover she runs fine but guess with the extra speed of the flywheel with extra RPM the missing fin shows up more. Thanks again. Great group. Roly C141 Dorset U.K.
  9. Hi all. I have a C141 and have nearly finished doing a basic restore. I have got her running and all seems good, no smoke and reasonably good starting. Have had a run round the yard this morning and runs well. I am finding at tickover the engine is sweet and chugs away quietly and smoothly. However when I increase the RPM and drive around there is a lot of rattle and vibration. I did notice when the shroud was off, that there was one fin sheared off the flywheel and am wondering if this would make much difference? I also fitted new lord mounts and everything is good and tight. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks. Roly. C141 my first Wheel Horse !!! Dorset. U.K.
  10. How many uk members are there

    Hi Neil, yes I am another Wheelhorse owner in Dorset. I am restoring a C141 and have now got her running. She will never look as sweet as many I have seen on this site, but was bought to be used, mainly to haul a trailer for collecting logs and also for a bit of grass cutting. Have just fitted some checker plate to the foot wells and have the wheels to do soon, but it was good to give her a ride round the yard recently and hope to finish the engine cover soon as well. Was annoyed on last running her to see the solonoid had sheared on its bracket. Will have to fabricate a better method for securing it to the engine casing. Also finding I have engine oil seeping from the base of the dipstick tube, so will have to put some ptfe tape round it or something. Anyway as many have found this wonderful machine is addictive. Cheers. Roly. Dorset U.K. C141 (work in progress)
  11. NOS tractors

    Which one do you use on Sunday ??? Just the best collection and all perfect, very envious. Roly U.K. owner of a C141 doing a basic renovation.