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  1. Can beat a bit of Wheelhorse theropy, , more pics would be great
  2. Thanks for the update , very interesting to see where they are hanging out , I wonder why Ohio & Michigan has so many , is there a particular reason for this ?
  3. Very nice , would love to own one myself Duke, I'm jealous ,too nice to use . Good to see you back here mate
  4. Engine sound like brand new,
  5. I just love to see the kids playing with tractors
  6. Welcome back Jim , good to see ya posting again .
  7. That a beautiful tractor , I just love the short frame tractors
  8. I just just love this pic
  9. Wouldn't it be great to see some of th earlier models in the brochure , great pic .
  10. Welcome to Redsquare & enjoy the ride .
  11. What makes this site the best is a great admin team and an equally great member base that are sooo in tuned with how the site works so each member knows the rules and edheres to them , so in theory most of our members are quietly moderating the site too, but most of all this site works because all members are just good fiends with the same interest keep up the good work girls
  12. That's wicked , will it lift the rear end too? They use something similar in formula 1 motor racing . Maybe stick small pieces of rubber on the lift forks to protect paintwork
  13. Mark, Ashley , welcome to Redsquare , you have bought yourself a pretty rare to UK Commando 7 , but don't panic about it being rare you can find part here in UK fairly easy , the commando 7 is pretty much exactly the same as the commando 8 only engine sizes are different but most parts will fit both tractors . This project will be a wonderful bonding journey for you both and will be thoroughly enjoyable . You may wish to join our sister website !,, where you will find quite a few Wheelhorse owners based in UK and also USA . Both Redsquare & My old machine will be your best Wheelhorse manual that you will ever have, also you can download your tractor manual from here . One word of warning ,,,,,,,, this hobby is addictive and trust me you will end up owning one or two more tractors in the near future , I just hope you have a strong marriage as your wife MAY become a Wheelhorse widow . i am based not too far from you here in Somerset and I started out with the same tractor as you and have been on an incredible journey with this hobby and have met some awesome people , I now currently own around twenty 15 Wheelhorse tractors . You should be able to find a Kohler engine on that famous auction site , they do come up quite often or feel free to ask other local UK members if they can help in locating parts . Good luck with the project & enjoy the ride
  14. What a great idea Norm, I love upcycling
  15. That's awesome , I love it , i recently had a shop art project made too