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  1. One of my favourite tractor the GT14 , nice to see one with the deck on .
  2. This looks interesting , can't wait to see the progress on this little project, wished I had the time to do something similar good luck with your journey
  3. Sound like Swiss clocks Steve, love the short frame square hoods .
  4. Very nice , well done Craig , great to have mates that think about others .
  5. A big welcome from Somerset & welcome to RS
  6. NOW THAT IS A NICE TRACTOR . Wished they had them in UK, I would buy a few, great design .
  7. Love the music in the video, can't beat the sound of banjo
  8. OMG , that is never 4 years ago Karl , and you still have your dashing good looks , well maybe a few grey hairs , you have a great family mate ,
  9. Welcome back to RS Rex , sorry I don't have a clue what your planning but you got my full attention , got any more clues ?
  10. I love that older style hood on these tractors , I have been looking for one of those for ages , nice tractor , enjoy
  11. Can beat a bit of Wheelhorse theropy, , more pics would be great
  12. Thanks for the update , very interesting to see where they are hanging out , I wonder why Ohio & Michigan has so many , is there a particular reason for this ?
  13. Very nice , would love to own one myself Duke, I'm jealous ,too nice to use . Good to see you back here mate
  14. Engine sound like brand new,
  15. I just love to see the kids playing with tractors