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  1. Thanks for the awesome pics , wished I was there .
  2. Good progress , where in Bridgy are you, I'm just off Taunton Rd.
  3. Welcome to Redsquare , from a fellow Bridgwater resident , just off Taunton Rd behind Morrisons , you have picked the best site in the world for all your Wheelhorse requirements , I have around 15 various Wheelhorse tractors ranging from early rare models upto 70s . If you are passing one day pop in for a chat , I may even have some parts that you may need . Your daughter is gonna love driving around on these tractors , they can be great fun
  4. Love the rims , do they fit directly onto the Wheelhorse hub or have they be adapted to fit ?
  5. I love the horse hood ornament Steve , wouldn't mind a few myself , and the 876 looks almost new . i know Glen has been struggling to get them chromed for quite some time now , hope he manages to eventually get them done , but I now like the gold colour now,
  6. Welcome to Redsquare , what part of UK are you from ,
  7. I have a similar problem with my c81 , difficult starting, runs & drives for a while then dies , then difficult to start again ,, my first port of call was to check the small filter in the gas tank which on inspection was clogged with rust so removed the filter and it did run a little better so I'm now guessing that the problem may be the lift pump diaphragm may be worn and is no pulling enough fuel through . i don't know if this would be a similar problem that you have or whether yours is electrical issues but it's worth looking into . i removed the small bung tap from the fuel tank under seat good luck
  8. God bless have fun in the great wheel horse garden in the sky
  9. What RJ do you have?
  10. Well I'm happy Ian , it was good to catch up with you and Nigel & it was great to hear the new engine explode into life on the testing table .now I have a small problem myself on where I am going to store Jnr . There's a little space next to my bed which might make a cozy little home for him .
  11. Thank you for the story , found it very inspirational and just love the boat
  12. hoping to start a new mosaic soon , can't believe it was over 3 years since I done this last one . Just thought ide bump this thread for those that may not of seen it
  13. You can't beat a bunch of lovely horses
  14. Is it for sale ???
  15. Thanks for the pics , good to see the vintage show scene in Britain still going strong.