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  1. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I'm sure we can find 12 worthy vintage photos , even if they are a little on the grainy side , , I know the more you increase the size the picture quality deminishes , or maybe the front cover could have a collage of vintage pics all on one page ,

    I actually like the pic in B&W , shows the nostalgia
  3. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Would be great to do a vintage calendar using some pics from our vintage pic thread ,for a trip down memory lane ,

    What an awesome pic this is
  5. Early Wheel Horse

    It's a little cutie
  6. Our dear member has gone to Wheel Horse Heaven

    Prayers sent from uk, so sad
  7. Daughter caught "Red" handed

    Great to see the kids outside having fun instead of sat on the PlayStation great pic
  8. Would a 4 ft GT 14 deck fit on a 520 H

    Awesome. Thanks for the info , what would I do without you chaps . This site is just great
  9. I am curious to find out if the 4 foot GT14 Deck would connect straight to the same cradle as the 520 H or is the GT14 deck on for that tractor ?
  10. Horse time with the kids

    Great pics , love to see the kids having fun
  11. Happy Birthday Neil

    awe, shucks , thanx guys
  12. Summer Rat Horse

    Where did you get the seat cover , thats awesome , wonderful looking tractor
  13. What have you done on your WH today?

    Done a small amount of cosmetic today on my raider 10 , painted wheel rims red then painted some white wall tires ,changed the seat to steel one , put some LED lamps on the hood , The lamps are actually battery operated LED torches that are magnetic and can be positioned in any direction and placed anywhere on the tractor and then remove them at the end of the day . pics of tractor before cosmetics
  14. 30 More Years ...

    Best way to keep them in good shape is , buy another one and use that for working and then keep those to for best . beautiful looking tractors , almost a shame to work them .
  15. Which way should I restore this WH

    What a Shame the hood has been cut , nice looking tractor otherwise.