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  1. She is a pretty little thing , welcome to to the party
  2. Welcome to Redsquare , I'm not too far from you here in Bridgwater Somerset , you will find this site very useful and we look forward to seeing you here often
  3. I traveled from UK see the show and well worth th few thousand miles journey , you'll love it .
  4. I just love the look of the Elecrto charger , it one of my favourite looking hoods , sadly I have never owned one ,,,,,,,,,,Yet,,,,,,
  5. That's cool, I made myself one a few years ago with a piece of scrap wood, not as good as yours though .
  6. Merry Christmas Jim & everyone at Redsquare , we are six hours in front on you here in UK and I just saw Santa crossing the English coast of the Atlantic Ocean on his way to you guys & I'm sure I spied are few Wheel horse goodies hanging out of his sack ..
  7. Book me in for a few cookie moulds Glenn , do you plan to do extra large moulds too?
  8. Wow this Zit I have on my forehead really needs to get burst
  9. British engineering at its best , nice job Chris
  10. They're cute
  11. Not sure this will help you with your questions , but I have shipped whole tractors from US to UK , 5 tractors in all , the process was quite simple really , so I guess it should be easier to ship within the states , I used UPS a couple of times .
  12. Here you go T-mo a brief trip through English countryside
  13. That's an awesome collection Chris , I bet the shed is full of implements too .
  14. Here is my nice aluminium water bottle