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  1. R. Lee Ermey 1944-2018 Thanks for Everything

    I worked on the film set of full metal jacket , it was filmed at an old gas works in East London UK Stacey Kubrick said that the place where it was filmed looked more like Vietnam than Vietnam did . When the film was finished most of the movie set was left behind , along with an old Willy’s jeep and lots of imitation palm trees , sadly never got to meet MR Ermy SIR yes SIR

    Prayers for you Glenn from across the pond , may you make a full recovery ole chap as I’m sure you will , your a strong ole fox . Take care brother
  3. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Bit of spit n polish in the engine bay and that will look great , enjoy .
  4. Worked on 603 today

    Wow, 150pairs , thats a lot of coffee Laine , lovely looking machine
  5. I have been restoring my little model T Ford go kart , a few jobs left to do on it ,

  7. How to get a tractor over seas?

    I’ve shipped 7 Wheelhorse tractors to UK , Skipper has pretty much covered everything in his post , If you need any other info , just get in touch , I had a quote to ship an RJ cutting deck this week £580 +tax , natuarally I declined ,
  8. Neil,

    i need a metal fender, that fits on a 1983 C-125...now it has a plastic fender, but i like the smaller one better...can you help me?



  9. RJ 58 deck , weight?

    Awesome , thanks for the info
  10. RJ 58 deck , weight?

    I’m about to buy a RJ58 deck and need a rough weight of the deck for shipping purposes , anyone know what a deck would weigh roughly ?
  11. Commando 8 Glamour shots

    Love the commando 8 , it was my first ever wheel horse , great winter shots
  12. My new 401 and some goodies

    Nice little collection , shame they cut the hood short but still an awesome find
  13. wheel horses at belguim

    Didn’t know ther were any 1054s in Europe , would like to get one but there’s none in UK , well none that i know of Nice collection vinny
  14. I am looking for a copy of the ride away Senior brochure if anyone can help , I have searched through some old posts but came up with nothing , I know it’s pretty rare brochure and it has been posted up once before but it may have been lost in the photobucket saga , If anyone has a copy I would be grateful if they could either email me a copy or re post here . thanks in advance
  15. Every Tractor Has a Story

    most of the tractors that I currently own have now become part of my family , a few of which I couldn’t part with as they have soo much sentiment to me , not nessesary the tractor itself is so important but it’s the history behind it that is more important to me , I currently have a little suburban (rare to Uk) but it was once owned by an ole RAF pilot from World War Two , he purchased new in 1961 & used it in his estate to do numerous tasks , the little tractor came with snow plough ,mower deck & rear furrow plough ,it was one of me best finds and I only paid £350 for it , I really wouldn’t part with it as it has too much history To Me .