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  1. Clevis Hitch, Rockshaft kit

    Thanks, now I underdstand. Is there an attachment to attach a ball hitch?
  2. Clevis Hitch, Rockshaft kit

    I am new to WH. Help me understand how the clevis hitch work or show me an attachment that would fit to the hitch. My Electro 12 has one.
  3. Manual Shift Plates

    I need a plate for 1969 electro 12. only slots in the plate is for seat latch and shift indicator (6.75 x 7.75).
  4. tractors and lots of parts

    I need headlight assembley for 1969 Electro 12. Previous owner removed entire lighting and put a piece of metal over opening. also I need the plate that covers the console directly in front of the seat. This is the plate that has the slot for the forward, neutral and reverse indicator.