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  1. Dozer/Push Blade for Long frame

    Pm sent
  2. Blade Identification

    It is for like a 260 series from the bolt on bracket
  3. Dozer/Push Blade for Long frame

    Looking for Dozer/Push blade complete for B or C series long frame.
  4. It’s Wheels and Tires Wednesday!!

    Does this count?
  5. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

    Frankin thatcher!
  6. Unicorn Horns?

    Jellyghost I'm in your area and there is only a tiller, snow plow, aerator, and Clevis hitch, and deck for the C160 nearly rusted away and covered in vines and C161 tractor. I was told $1,000 for all...left shaking my head.
  7. I second daveoman1966's approach. On my 42" I litteraly had to use a 4 1/2" grinder to cut through the pullies making sure not to grind/ cut the shaft. The pulley is toast and it will come off this way.
  8. K301 Woes

    I would do a process of elimination. Check for "good" spark with a tester Check fuel , pull hose off pump and see if flowing when cranking starter. After that it should start unless you have electrical gremlins somewhere.
  9. Speedex S18 and Swisher Ride King

    The swisher are great to mow with and very simple engineering, but ONLY like flat and dry grass or you will be spinning that front tire like crazy! This is one I redone last winter.
  10. K321 oil pan modifcation

    I agree it is similar to the shaker mounting style but isnt the frame in the 78 and newer wider than the pre 78?
  11. K321 oil pan modifcation

    What modifications will need to be done to adapt this engine to a B/C series long frame? Do I need to buy a few spacers or do i need to acquire another small block oil pan? The id tag is worn off but was from a Ford. I have a 77' B80 that I will transfer this to.
  12. 417 H

    Here's an update: after visual inspection: noted both axles leak oil a lot luckily owner parks in same spot so it can been seen how much has been leaving, the underside of the engine had oil on it and was wet not dried on or coverd in dirt , and the trans didnt register any oil on the dipstick. Then the start test killed me...the whole time a blue smoke would swirl out the exaust. I figured this needed more help than I had $$ and time for. I was interested in the blade and possible backup machine, but figured for the dirt work i wish to use it for it didnt make sense. (Oh here in Mo we dont get much more than 3" of snow, hope that wording doesn't cause another snow storm for New England)
  13. 417 H

    @ only $250 and Just a half hour away but in a "bad area" and is a flag for possible for junk is a 417 H with dozer weights and chains. I am not much of a hydro guy and the Onan looks good but appears to have 587 hrs. Would the blade work on a B80 8 speed? Or should I acquire and part with my B80 since it has a 42" deck?
  14. B80 pto adjustment

    Today took the harmonic balancer and pulled the engine drive pulley back almost half inch. The pulley had been rubbing against the block for some time and a set screw was missing. It took a lot and effort from the big impact wrench but it always wins! Reassembled and now everything lines up and i can adjust the pto like you should. Took for a test and it mowed the overgrown grass with ease! Thanks TDF5G
  15. Thanks for the info i am waiting on pto stub and bearings, before I look into the engine pulley suggestion. The pto stub spring was in pieces on my machine. As for the deck bearings i have the old 3/4 d style. I am going to keep it old style at least try ( i put jb weld on the castings where it had oxidized out some to add strength) for now with all new bearings, otherwise i am thinking about converting a cheap 3 blade jd deck to work.