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  1. Cause of transmission failure

    Thanks this will be helpful when evaluating a roller in the future for a parts machine.
  2. For those who have repaired 8 speed transmissions what items are the source of failure? Forks? Cluster gear? Bearing? Water is obviously enemy #1 Along with no oil as #2
  3. My eyes so to many of the wrong colors here!
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Added stack from Jim!
  5. 40" Mid Mount Grader blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. 40" Mid Mount Grader blade

    Changed Status to Pending
  7. 40" Mid Mount Grader blade

    Changed Status to Active
  8. This is a model 7-1111 or MB-405 grader blade. Weight is about 45lbs can ship by fastenal if buyer sets up shipping and pays palet fee. Will also trade for 3 - 42" or 48" deck spindle assembly's newer style (not double d)
  9. C145 blackhood tips

    I was able to get the engine info. Kohler k321as spec 60373
  10. C145 blackhood tips

    I have leads on a C145 that was running when parked. Has 4 flat tires is there a special lever to disengage hydro to roll? Any areas to key into? My idea is to part the deck out but getting the tractor would be a good backup machine.
  11. New York to Nebraska

    Thanks for the heads up , I will head to I-80 and setup the detour to Kansas City!
  12. Mine have the same issue and are DD too. Below us my fix. I coated the mounting bolts with silicone and placed in the eaten away holes, mixed up several batches of Jb weld and remolded the housing with Jb weld. I used the silicone on the bolts because the jb weld will not adhere to it. I also used some vinyl floor mats to help make the circular shape of the spindle housing since jb weld doesn't stick to it either and it peels off perfectly after drying I have been going all summer long on these. Remember you can grind and tap jb weld. The bolts were tight to remove after the jb weld dried but they retaped easily. I am still looking for spare backup spindles though.
  13. Deck conversion

    I following this and find it very useful I would like to see how the lift trunion on the gauge wheels align up with the T brackets.
  14. 1974 B-80 original

    1976 or 77 due to 8speed transmission
  15. Spindle removal.

    You will need to remove the top bearing first before removing the shaft. Then remove the snap ring behind the bearing and then the shaft can be removed. The top bearing can be removed by placing an old L shaped Allen wrench in the hole or similar object and tapping the bearing out. Otherwise you will break the snap ring which is is double thick and not ordinary found at a hardware store.