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  1. New to the forum

  2. The vote is in

    Great news keep the faith.
  3. My new shop

    I want it!!!!!!! Nice
  4. Close Call Yesterday

    yo@Daddy Donu are right about our fellow Oklahoma drivers, some of them are just plain crazy. Hope y'all are doing well...Katy and I are no longer married, but she is still here in town and I see her from time to time next time i run into her I'll be sure to tell her hello from you...and likewise tell Steve hi from me Thanks Steve is coming in next week I will tell him. Sorry to hear about the wife but take care of yourself.
  5. Hello from Western PA

  6. Close Call Yesterday

    Man I am clad you are ok. Yu know how these drivers are in Oklahoma. Out where you live it is nothing but straight highways and not many hills. Glad you are ok. Tell the wife hello and take care of yourself. When you go to work in the morning with a full body that is the same way you want to go home that night. Take care.
  7. Biggest Haul with the Biggest Horses

    great deal have fun
  8. New member,long time owner.

  9. Check your point gap. I had to set mine at .18 to get it to quit doing this c-111 14hp kohler
  10. DOH!

    Me too
  11. I got a new toy at work today

    Put a swing on it and give free rides. Great machine
  12. Wheel horse

  13. Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    The picture you see in my log is a C-111.I use it as my main tractor. I converted it to a 14hp Kohler and you can do anything you want to with it. I still have the Briggs engine of change to the Kohler will you have to change the key ignition switch. Easy to convert. Good luck with you tractor.
  14. Hello All - New to Site