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  1. Check your point gap. I had to set mine at .18 to get it to quit doing this c-111 14hp kohler
  2. DOH!

    Me too
  3. I got a new toy at work today

    Put a swing on it and give free rides. Great machine
  4. Wheel horse

  5. Is a C111 worth fixing up?

    The picture you see in my log is a C-111.I use it as my main tractor. I converted it to a 14hp Kohler and you can do anything you want to with it. I still have the Briggs engine of change to the Kohler will you have to change the key ignition switch. Easy to convert. Good luck with you tractor.
  6. Hello All - New to Site

  7. Loss

    Sorry for your loss keep the faith
  8. Dissington Vintage Rally. Cumbria.

    Great pics wish I could have been there.
  9. Great day at the show!!

    Great pictures thanks
  10. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    If the above don't work check you point setting.
  11. Finally got the boat wet!

    Got mine wet Sunday. Took son and grandkids out caught one bass and cooked my skin. But it still felt good to get on the water. Ready for more now..
  12. New User - Old Tractor

    There are masters of all kinds on this site. Welcome to Red Square
  13. New Horse Hauler