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  1. God bless you. I am ate up with agent orange and it is no fun at all. Hang in there.
  2. Funny how some people just want to know what one is worth but don't realize how great this site is for finding out things about any that exist. This forum can get you through rebuilding fixing elect problems or what color you use to bring one back to life. You can get help on this forum to do anything you want to do to your . It is funny to me that someone would thank that no one knows anything when they need some information that pictures are needed to help with the question. This is the best site on the internet. This is my 2cents.
  3. Do you have a halo over your head? Cook him a steak at least twice a week. Good looking tractors.
  4. It is the problem with people that are not honest. Always make sure you have the money in your account before you send the items. I sell a lot of stuff on ebay and had this happen to me. Watch out.
  5. Just always mow to the right and you will have plenty of light.
  6. The best I have ever seen. Thanks
  7. Mean looking machine.
  8. A wheel Horse any color is worth having.