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  1. From one vet to another God speed.
  2. I use mine to pull my boat out from under the carport when I go fishing and the use It to put it back under when I get back home.
  3. Fuel Problem

  4. Kohler K301 Has me stumped

    Check the gap on your points and make sure they did not open up on you
  5. Fuel flow problem

    Glad to know wd40 is better will do away with the starting fluid. Thanks everyone for the info.

    Keep the faith and Gods hand will be with you. Also for your family keep the faith.
  7. Fuel flow problem

    Had a problem with my fuel flow on the 12hp Kohler. Checked my fuel filter and put a new one on. Still could not get fuel to the carb. Figured the fuel pump quite. Ordered a electric one. I got to thinking maybe that was not the problem because I would get a little fuel out of the line but not enough to fill the carb. Tried using starting fuel to see if it would run and it did. Took the fuel tank out and took the fuel shut off out and pulled the screen off of it. Sure enough the shut off valve was complete plugged. Cleaned the fuel tank and put a new fuel shut off valve in it and put everything back together. Primed the carb and it fired right up. Next time this will be the first thing I check. Learned a lesson on this one. Proud I had a inline filter before the fuel pump I think it saved it and the carb.

    I would take a set when you get them done great ideal.
  9. Best inline fuel filter?

    Great site to know about thanks
  10. Channeled John Wayne today.....

    This is who we need in the White House.
  11. Yard Art part 2...

    Paint it red and put a Wheel Horse sticker on it and maybe in 100 years someone may thank that found a trophy.
  12. Win10 pro 64

    I back up my files on a My Pass Port External Drive that I got from Staples It works great and easy to install. Check them out. I also have Windows 10 once you use it you will be okay with it.
  13. How can I make these work?

    Baby moons
  14. 1998 269H with a CV20S? 20hp?