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  1. The time has come.

    Wish you the best and let us know how comes out.
  2. just saying hi

  3. Tiller questions

    I have one and it does a great job. I have wheel weights on all the tires I have rib tires on the front and bar tires on the rear. Depends on how deep you want to till on how you need to set up your WH for the job. Also have suite case weights for the front of the tractor to help hold it down.. It will do all of the work for you. Just start slow for the first time and work you way up with it. See my picture on my profile and this is how it is set up.
  4. A Horse Bit Me Today

    Got one like it that I restored. It had a tree growing up thru the frame when I found it. Still has the Briggs 11hp and has lots of power. It was my first horse. I still use it I two other WH and they both have the Koler engines in them. The work horse is the one I use the most. It is a good project for you it is worth it.
  5. Bucking horse!

  6. Overcrowded garage

    Looks like a lift for removing engines from autos
  7. Keep the faith. Help is on the way just watch the weather and stay safe.
  8. We have to pray for everyone in the path of all the storms. It will take years to recover from all of this. Keep the faith and thanks to everyone for your thoughts.
  9. My son and his wife live in the Bahamas and the company he works for evacuated them to North Carolina. Hope they still have a place to live in and all they own is still there. The main thing is they are ok. Everything else can be replaced. Praying for everyone that is in the storms path.
  10. First post first mower

    All you have to do is ask and someone will help you. Good luck