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  1. 2 stage snow blower question

    Is the belt length different from the 520 with Onan than 417A with KT17 ? I got the 2 stage blower mounted up in the middle of a blizzard and well after dark. Once I had it mounted up came the pain....The belt is about 5" or more shy of going over the pully even with blower up. As far as I know it was mounted on a 520 with Onan
  2. 2 stage snow blower question

    well this might get interesting.... I have nothing for weight right now and expecting a pretty good storm today so got to go
  3. 2 stage snow blower question

    I also need this info... manual doesn't say anything
  4. 2 stage snow blower question

    Be nice if someone did a video of this install. Being somewhat dyslexic the manual is like a rubix cube
  5. 2 stage snow blower question

    I figured it out... its a 1995
  6. 2 stage snow blower question

    Confused as to what Manual to use..... There are more than one model 79361 manuals, looks like different years. Is there a way to tell by serial # ? My serial number is 5901428 but I dont see any refrence or maybe dont understand how to use it.
  7. 2 stage snow blower question

    Thanks Don ,I was thinking it should. Now hopefully I have all the pieces.. I will look for the manual.
  8. I picked up a 2 stage blower that I believe was on a 520H. Will it work on a 417A ?