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  1. The end of the road

    when you come to a stop sign at the end of the road there is always a new direction to go
  2. 854 with factory Cab

    wow that looks great, sounds like something my grandfather would do, he only had 1 wheel horse, and it still shines like new
  3. Rm 367 deck rebuild

    thanks for the posting this you don't see much write ups on attachments being restored
  4. Rm 367 deck rebuild

    I use mine weekly, I keep the gears greased I just run a light bead around it, I do pull the covers monthly just and wipe them down and regrease and then a shot in the fitting for the spindles. I do take better care of these decks and stockpile as many parts as I can for them who knows how much longer we can find this stuff and I don't want a newer riding mower to answer your question I keep my gears just coated, but I check it regularly to make sure nothing is stuck in there that could damage the gears
  5. Unidrive 8 speed oil seals

    search the site there are a few articles on doing it. you can change the axle seals by removing the hubs the seal and reinstall, if you have to change the axle needle bearing you have to split the transaxle
  6. finally got to pick up a part I purchased today and check some other brand garden tractors in North jersey. very nice guy he had his father's 753 which he just got (he was using up until he passed he was 90!) said it was in the family since 74, wasn't for sale! the other brand tractors I passed on not odd ball enough. he did have the remains of an 854 which I got for spares for mine, but then I saw the center consol still has the serial tag on ot so I guess it still has a soul, then I got looking at all the other parts I have laying around..... no I got to many other projects.... but it's a thought....hmmm
  7. The 854--Comanche

    glad you got it and enjoy it. the 854 is a great looking horse, it's my go to machine I cut my yard each week with it. just don't steal any more from jersey!
  8. Field stripping a Wheel Horse.

    that's great I had a similar situation a few weeks ago with a trashed commando 8, I showed up with my toolbox the dudes kinda grinned and laughed as they watched within 15 minutes it was stripped and loaded of the parts I wanted in the truck. the one dude look changed fast it was more of wow he is serious and knew what to do, it was fun after that I got the tour of property unfortunately nothing else to pick but made some more connections for future
  9. Bird Bath Fountain Retrofit

    Nice idea add some food coloring to the water
  10. Is it no talk Friday!

    tumble weeds
  11. Kohler 181 runs strong but pops alittle

    marvel mystery oil
  12. Running higher octane gas?

    the biggest benefit I found was since most of my tractors are limited use and run only a few times a year is that fuel holds up longer with the stability and they run alot smoother
  13. Running higher octane gas?

    I use super in all my small engines,
  14. Dehydration is no joke!

    sure is, we saw a poor kid drop/faint last weekend at my son's soccer tournament. 5 games in the heat, gotta stay hydrated
  15. that's what I see, I had the same thing on my 854, this winter I will split it and change it out