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  1. 1961 Suburban 401 deck

    Looks they were originally 4" dia by 1" kinda like shopping cart wheels
  2. 1961 Suburban 401 deck

    I can just give me a day or two it's in storage
  3. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    definitely not a panzer, but it's one cool home built, here is frame off one of my panzers
  4. sleet and freezing rain right now in nj, kids have no school already they have us in the 12 to 18 we shall see
  5. good prep work is the key no matter what you do, I prefer to go to bare metal but most of what I restore is rust anyway, first step is good power wash and degrease, then decide if you can scuff and repaint, then make sure you wipe down all parts with a solvent cleaner, you want to eliminate any chance of fish eyes, do make sure it's scuffed 100% dull, use a good primer, if you go the bare metal route use self etching primer, any questions ask I have been down this road many times keep posting your progress
  6. hopefully it will melt by the weekend
  7. Deck finish

    that deck photo I posted is regal red
  8. Deck finish

    yes I have one cool wife! not the living room, I haven't tried yet. its the finished basement/kids play room
  9. Wheel Horse RJ

    great topic so far, love seeing these rusty missing part projects, these look like the ones I drag home restore
  10. Wheel Horse RJ

    for rust I use a plastic tote with a 10 gallons of white vinegar let it soak for a few days, works great
  11. Cub Cadet Original

    there is one on ebay now for 49.99 with free shipping in great condition. another idea is get rid of the outlet patch a piece in, rotate the the tank 180 and tap in in a new outlet on the other side
  12. Regretted Projects

    one hobby that sticks out was when I was into rc planes, It was fun at the time but I am glad I got out before I got in to d$$p.
  13. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    just east of Allentown we got about 6" of mush, melted as fast as came down, started around 130, was looking forward to a good snow oh well, we all had day off, no machines brought out other than the kids 4 wheelers which wasn't even that great in the slop
  14. alot of roads still closed and power still out in nj, not looking good for Wednesday now
  15. I recently signed up and I like what I see! I see some familiar names from other sites I visted over the years