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  1. had the golden one out today

    figured I would post some other color, took the david bradley suburban out for a spin around the property today. it's a neat tractor one of my favorites for looks but it's constant adjustment to keep it in line. enjoy
  2. What do you have for a workbench?

    plus yours has the beer option
  3. I really try to keep parts organized, each brand tractor gets its own tote for extra parts, I also have been wire tying a label with the part number. I also have tote boxes for kohler and briggs. I still have a bunch to organize and label but it makes sense since I only know what is someday when I am gone hopefully my kids can make sense of it and sell off. each tractor also has a binder with the manuals and other info. yes I am organized
  4. I found my rolling frame, what is it?

    the hood, fender, tunnel/steering console/lift,(will need rust repair), steering wheel (not great shape) 1 front rim/tire, and some misc parts will be available shortly if anyone is interested
  5. 50th DCACP show 2018

    any more photos or info on the economy racer that thing is cool

    no that deck will no work, you need the earlier model gear drive to get it to run just give the basic go over first, clean points, new plug, new oil, fresh gas. battery, you may need a carb kit if it sat with gas, make sure you are getting gas to the carb, might need to unstuck the fuel pump. I run super in all my engines with either marvel or seafoam. then after that let me know what you want for it!
  7. New W-H hauler in town.

    Neat display are they really worth as much as I see on ebay for sale?
  8. snowing up there yet?
  9. Saturday night with a Horse

    just finished up, sprayed the commando up with pb this morning. went out before almost every thing freed up, now it's patio time
  10. came out real nice eric, so now that's it's done what's the next project?
  11. does eye rolling count as intrest when another comes home?
  12. Keeping Connectors from Corroding

    if it's the same stuff it's called "noalox" made by ideal, you can get a lowes or depot in the electric dept
  13. I found my rolling frame, what is it?

    thanks for the info that is neat didn't even notice it, now you have me rethinking my plan, maybe this will get restored instead of converted?
  14. boy I just moved a few months ago, 7 miles, guess what was the biggest pain to move. an entire tractor collection and parts. I wasn't held to time which was good. alot was placed in totes make sure you label boxes and make lists, I had alot of yeah I will remember that goes..... and now a few months later it's where did that go..... but the good thing was I cleaned out and sold off and junked off some too to free up space
  15. been looking for a rolling frame for my next project, before this gets tore apart, (will be in another post shortly) I am not to familiar with the square hoods. what model is it?