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  1. 8 speed input shaft bearing

    @stevasaurus thank you for the info! The shaft only has less than 1/16in of play so it’s not to bad. My axle shafts have the same amount of play as well. Is it normal to them to move side to side a very tiny amount or is that the symptoms of a failing bearing?
  2. 8 speed input shaft bearing

    @pfrederithank you for the link! Would it cause any long term damage to keep using my tractor until I order the bearings?
  3. Weird looking snow blade

    Thanks for the info everyone! I think I just pass on the blade and find one made for model of tractor since there are a lot for sale around me. @953 nut I believe they are 12”, there are wheel horse brand as well
  4. Weird looking snow blade

    @gwest_ca Would it fit my 73’ medium frame? I can get the blade and a set of wheel weights for $90
  5. Does anyone have any info as to what model this blade was designed for or how rare they are? I’ve never seen one like this before. They guy said it raises and lowers by a triangular piece connected to the deck lift lever pushing a brass colored rod to the front pivot point. He said he even has the original owners manual.
  6. Hello everyone, while I was changing the oil seals on my 8 speed trans I noticed the input shaft had some up and down play. Is this normal or do I need to replace the bearing? If I do need to replace it, where would I get the bearing and how hard is it to replace?
  7. 73’ 8hp 8spd

    Out of the past month I’ve owned this tractor I have been VERY impressed with the power it has considering it’s size and small 8hp engine. Today I was even more impressed when I moved this trailer loaded with 2 mowers each weighing around 500lbs each plus the trailer weight. Overall I would guess the loaded trailer weights around 1700-1800lbs. Even in 3rd gear it pulled this trailer uphill without trouble, it even stopped it without to much trouble. This is same tractor that I made a thread about around a month ago that I got for $100, even after the upgrades and a few accessories i just picked up last week (a snow blower, deck, and rear grader blade) im still only into it about $500. I would like like to thank everyone who has helped me along with this, from electrical issues to putting in a different trans you guys have had an answer for everything!
  8. Yes I pretty positive it’s a wheel horse blade, it says wheel horse on the front of it. @CasualObserver
  9. Would it still be worth it to buy the pair just for the plow then sell the blower? @squonk @CasualObserver
  10. Hello everyone, someone has this snow blower listed locally as a wheel horse. Every wheel horse snow blower I’ve seen looks completely different so I’m not sure if it’s a different brand. The only reason I’m asking is because he also has a snow blade listed that IS a wheel horse brand but he won’t sell it separately. Just the blade and blower for $100. I already have a wheel horse snow blower so I don’t need another one but if I get both for $100 I can likely sell the blower alone for more than that and actually make money off of the deal.
  11. The serial number is 30009 @gwest_ca
  12. @rjg854 I just went to the wanted section and there is no option for me to add a post?
  13. Also does anyone happen to have the front tension pulley and tension spring for a early model 32in snow blower for sale?
  14. @gwest_ca I went and mowed my sisters yard a few hours ago and the grass was pretty high and it just rained earlier today. I was very happy with how it mowed. I was in 2nd gear the whole time and it didn’t bog down the entire time. The only problem I’m having is the mule drive tensioner keeps loosening up after about 10min so I had to constantly get off and retighten it.