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  1. Well......You Tell Me What It Is.....

    How much was he asking for it?
  2. Gas Cap for '79 C-81

    I'm sending you a check.
  3. Serial Number to ID Model

    Thanks for pointing me to the files section. I couldn't find anything matching serial numbers up to model numbers, but I did find the parts list for my tractor so I could order a new spring stop for my transmission shift forks.
  4. Serial Number to ID Model

    see that’s my problem I bought a pile of parts not a complete tractor.
  5. Serial Number to ID Model

    I need help identifying this one: I was told the tractor is a 1962 702 but I'm not sure.
  6. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    I found another clue why that ball wasn't in the right place. I found a piece of the spring that looks like it was broken off while someone was trying to assemble this the last time. My axle shafts are 10.5" long. Saturday night I saw on craigslist someone selling a 1962 Wheel Horse 702 in pieces for $150 which seemed like a good deal. I also found a nice OHV 196cc Kohler motor that I could power it with. I decided that this would make a cool rat rod style mud/rally tractor that I'm entering in the ATLTF 2018 build off. As I'm digging into these parts I'm starting to realize that the guy just threw some parts together and sold me what he called a "702" I'm not sure if this is the transaxle that would'f came with this tractor, but since I'm not restoring it I really don't care, for my purposes this is the perfect pile of parts to start with. I would like to space out my rear wheels more, but I can just buy some spacers off of ebay to accomplish that.
  7. Gas Cap for '79 C-81

    Yes! That replacement clears lens may be all that I need. The lower parts of my fuel cap were rusted really bad so I just cut it off and I don't really miss it. I took the o ring from the gas cap I purchased that didn't work (a kelch) and put it on my old gas cap. Will that clear lens fit my original gas cap? If so how do I purchase one?
  8. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    Sounds like my best option is to keep my stock axles. Are there 5 lug hubs that go on 1" axles? I'm not interested in spending money on another transaxle right now. I like this old one a lot and I think it's built very well. It's certainly made better than most lawn mower transaxles with 3/4 inch axles out there. I'm using wider 12" rims from an 8 speed wheel horse for my build. I can get wheel spacers to widen my track width.
  9. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    You are good. The ball wasn't under the shift fork though it was in the oil. I'm thinking that whoever assembled this last tried to do it upside down with the wider case half on the bottom. When they put the other case on, the shift fork came out and so did one of the balls, but they slapped it together anyway. I will measure the overall axle width soon.
  10. The gas cap for the tractor in my avatar is in bad shape. The top is cracked. I cut off the rusty metal parts. A little bit of gas leaks out every time I use it. I ordered a new Stens one and it wouldn't thread on to my gas tank. It would however thread on the the gas tank on my C-125, but not all that well. Any ideas on where to find an alternate replacement or does something happen with the threads on these gas tank?
  11. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    Thanks for all of this really useful information, Last night I ordered seals, gasket, and the shift boot. On payday I want to order the 3rd gear. Can you pop the seals out of the case with a screwdriver and then drive the new one in with a socket? Does anybody use gasket maker or silicone with the gasket when they assemble it? I'd like to put on a set of 5 lug hubs possibly with a longer set of axles too, or I can you wheel spacers to space my wheels out. Maybe I could just put wheel spacers on the 3 lug hubs I have to save money.
  12. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    It won't be a 4x4. It is going to get some kind of front suspension, but I'm keeping the front axle because I think it looks cool and has a unique shape. It's getting a newer Kohler OHV 196cc motor from a log splitter. Looks just like a Predator or Honda.
  13. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    My shift fork looks like the one you have pictured on the right. My 3523 gear looks exactly like the one one the right. Where can I get a new one?
  14. Need help with transaxle for a "62 702

    I split the case open tonight. I found one ball, the spring, and pin in the hole. I went to the hardware store and for 29 cents bought a 1/4 ball. When I came back to the shop I decided to sift through the oil in the bottom of the case and found the other ball! Someone definitely didn't put this together exactly right the last time. I was able to get the second ball and shift fork in without a problem. I also flipped the pinion gears to lock the diff. I still have to clean the gears and case, and re-assemble it. Is there a cheap way to buy just gaskets and seals or just the gasket? What do you guys think of the wear on the pinion gear, gear cluster, and reverse idler. This damage may have been due to both balls not being in.