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  1. Wheel Horse

    Hey you got any idea who has a fuel pump for my Raider 10
  2. Wheel Horse

    I know the agner's they have a lot of tractors
  3. Wheel Horse

  4. Wheel Horse

    What you mean ? You live in Lynnville to
  5. Wheel Horse

    I have a 1968 Raider 10 3 speed forward with reverse and low and high range shifter 2 what kind of fluid do I put in the transmission because it is like a transmission slash rear end and also where do you find the headlight switch that pops into the dash
  6. Wheel Horse brake band

    Just joined this don't know anything about it really I've got a 68 Raider 10 Wheel Horse and the cloth looking material inside my brake band fell out and I'm wondering where to get new parts for this