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  1. Belt size Raider 10 1968

    Thank you
  2. Belt size Raider 10 1968

    Do you that know the exact size of the belt
  3. Belt size Raider 10 1968

    I just thought it might be better quality
  4. Tecumseh hh100 fuel pump

    Wheel Horse Raider 10 it's a 1968 with the 10 horsepower Tecumseh and 6 speed transmission
  5. Belt size Raider 10 1968

    Can you get that a John Deere dealership
  6. Belt size Raider 10 1968

    I have a 1968 Raider 10 I need the belt size if anyone knows it
  7. Tecumseh hh100 fuel pump

    Thank you I'm about to look that up does anybody know what size the belt is on that same tractor
  8. Transmission fluid Wheel Horse 1968

    Thank you i think thats it You don't happen to know where to get a rebuild kit for that Raider tens fuel pump it's got a Tecumseh hh100 on it
  9. Tecumseh hh100 fuel pump

    HH100-115095B fuel pump I need a rebuild kit for this fuel pump does anyone know where to buy one. it bolts to the side of the engine
  10. Transmission fluid Wheel Horse 1968

    I got a Wheel Horse Raider 10 do you got the manual for that style of 6 speed it's the one that has three forward reverse and high and low gear on another shifter or you can say low and high range with three forward and reverse
  11. Transmission fluid Wheel Horse 1968

    That is very helpful thanks a lot
  12. We have a 1968 Wheel Horse with the automatic drive where it has a hydraulic pump does anyone know About if it has gear oil and hydraulic fluid and what types do I use
  13. Wheel Horse

    Thank you
  14. Wheel Horse

    And what pressure should it have