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  1. Removing paint

    x2 it turns paint into gel like glob that you can wipe off.
  2. charger 8

    So I hooked up a gas tank & this thing fired right up and ran smooth as can be, it looks like someone just stopped using it... Just to test drive it I need to get a belt. Things that it needs are Throttle cable steering wheel and the part that surrounds the dash controls is cracked pretty bad, I could fix but it would never be the same.
  3. charger 8

    Nice thanks that was neat to see...
  4. charger 8

    Yeah the steering wheel is pretzeled up!! The dash is cracked you can see in the pic & the paint it really bad & runny. It looks ok from 15 feet. I wanted the transaxle & seat mostly. Will see how it goes.
  5. charger 8

    bought another one.....maybe to use as parts for this but either way I bought it for 50 bucks, not sure if it runs yet. Has a briggs 12hp. I still haven't got the parts for my motor...anyway some pics....I think this tractor is a little newer than the one I have but very similar.
  6. charger 8

    So I believe in my picture above showing the condenser unbolted and disconnected, the kill wire is other wire attached to the stud coming from the points?
  7. charger 8

    Ive been re-reading everything & I guess I still don't understand how to tell if the condenser is conducting to ground? Also the whole assembly should be grounded too from what I have read, and I could possibly disconnect my kill from the ignition for testing. Just it stopped sparking after I took off the armature, the only reason I did it was because I wanted to put some electric tape on wires that were rubbing under the shroud. Also been reading on how to set/check the timing, looks pretty tricky but im sure I can do it, kind of seems like I might have to do it since I messed with the position of the armature.
  8. charger 8

    Ok so I tested the flywheel magnets to make sure they were correctly oriented... this is what I did..Just attached a magned to a piece of wood and went around the flywheel making sure the poles were alternating. So I think I am good there.. I just was checking all the connections etc...The condenser is pretty rusty and ratty looking, but everything looks like it was reinstalled they way it came off. Ive just been putting the nut back on shaft & turning it to check the point gap., I tested it again still no spark, the spark plug is new, just gonna wait for new parts before i test again. Finally made some room in the garage for it, until it gets running....
  9. charger 8

    OK, when I took off the flywheel some of the magnets were loose, not far out of place but loose. I did not check the pole orientation before gluing back in, so that has to be redone. I thought the spark looked weak, & it was not starting the engine. Thanks for the tips, and the star washers you are talking about are on the bolts that hold down which part?
  10. charger 8

    Ok i think that is one place where i screwed up, haha I suck, I didnt realize they had different poles each one. So when you glue them back in, they should attract the next one according to the web... There are a bunch of magnets, at least 5 or 6. I have to take it back off tomorrow & remove the ones I glued on and check them all
  11. charger 8

    Im trying to figure out where you got that number from, I can find this cross ref 143.276482 LAV50-62066B & found this with the parts you stated..... https://www.partstree.com/parts/tecumseh/engines-vertical-4-cycle-engine/lav50-62066b-tecumseh-4-cycle-vertical-engine/engine-parts-list-1/
  12. charger 8

    Ok so I read what you wrote and there are probably a few things I should mention. So I said when i first tried to start it I could take the spark plug out & see the spark. It wouldn't start so that is when i pulled the flywheel... Also when i took the flywheel off some of the magnets were loose & I glued them back on & they appear to be installed correct. I noticed like you said that the position of the bolts is off center a bit, I put it back the way I thought it was, how do I tell if it is in the right position? I understand what you mean to check if the condenser is not conducting to ground, but how do i rule that out? I just feel like i screwed something up unintentionally since i went from weak spark to none. Should i have not unbolted the entire assembly to look at it? Ordering a point set and condenser now, will do that first.
  13. charger 8

    OK I see some on ebay, I have to do some research to see how to test if it is working, I am kind of hesitant to throw parts at it, until im sure it is broken..but the condenser and points are not too expensive. I cant watch the points to see if they are sparking since it is under the flywheel, what is a good way to test?
  14. charger 8

    so I guess i can only buy the points and condenser, not the entire assembly?
  15. charger 8

    thanks, yeah im just annoyed since it was sparking a little bit, but now that i took it out to inspect & check nothing is happening. Very annoying.. the condenser is rusted so I can try replacing... The points look fine & are shiny & clean. I wire brushed all the exterior of the parts, figured it would help. I am going big tires with it... 23x9.5x12 barely fits......