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  1. I go commando

    Gonna have some issues with the exhaust, that is a 17horse OHV motor., I want to run it out the side like the other tractors I think.... Put some 23" tires on yesterday... all the wheel horses....
  2. I go commando

    motor out motor in
  3. I go commando

    yeah I have a 18hp opposed I wanted to put in, but the air cleaner/exhaust would not clear the hood...... A v-twin motor might work, I just have the OHV sitting around. ps I hate Tecumseh engines.
  4. I go commando

    yeah it sucks I was hoping to keep this one all original but this is not one of those times.
  5. I go commando

    Well I took it for another ride today and I noticed some white smoke coming out of the carb, then the motor stopped. I just changed the oil, but it appears the motor is locked up, I can barley turn the flywheel with a breaker bar now. So looks like im gonna pull it & I have a 17hp OHV briggs sitting around I want to put in it. I think I'll make a clock out of the engine cover & take the motor apart for fun to see what happened but im guessing the rings are no good.
  6. I go commando

    So i finally got it to run long enough to drive it out of the garage & it is running ok.... The trans grinds going into gear and the carb still is not 100% correct, it is really funky and sometimes needs to run with a choke.
  7. I go commando

    ok ok so i finally go it to run ..... the fuel pump did not work out, i rebuilt it and the fuel intake was rigged up by previous owner and fell apart, so I found a fitting and just hooked up the fuel line to the carb, got the fuel to fill the bowl. I did do a minor cleaning of the carb but not extensive when i had it off. so this is what i have now, running with a surge..... I think i still have a carb problem & it needs to be cleaned more or fully rebuilt/replaced.? [youtube] [/youtube]
  8. charger 8

    These 12hp motors have a flo draft carb & no solenoid, they are a huge "L" shaped unit,. So I could shut the fuel off and idle down & see how that goes.
  9. charger 8

    Honestly I have only started and driven it two times, so no. I assume that will help with the after fire pop.
  10. charger 8

    I accidentally put this battery pic in my commando thread, but the charger is the one that has the clearance issue with the briggs motor and the steering... So I built a riser tray to bring it up 3" past the engine case bolts and steering gear. It just barely "shoe horns" in there. I finished cleaning up the wiring almost. When the motor was swapped before someone added a starter solenoid & there just is no where to mount it at all & I didn't want to put it under the seat and run all the lines back there. Its a pretty compact tractor. Anyway now it starts right up & drives, pretty slow but it goes up and down hills. My tires are full of washer fluid so it has pretty good traction .... Next i need to find an original gas tank or im gonna paint the one i robbed from a craftsman, or get one at the junk yard, it does not compliment the engine bay. Also I want to paint the wheels white, because I am pretty sure that would be the correct color. Only other issue is when i shut it down the exhaust always pops right as the motor is stopping, I am going to try to shut off the fuel next time maybe & see if that helps
  11. I go commando

    I built a battery tray to raise the battery up 3" or so, because it would not fit with this engine in front of the steering shaft. I re-wired everything about 90% & cleaned it all up, snap a pic tomorrow of the final setup...
  12. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    holy crap, its blowing & snowing like crazy here but nothing like that!
  13. I go commando

    Got all the old fuel lines off, tank drained, and the oil changed, then ran out of time. I am going to try and start it one more time now that the lower "pulse" line is not clogged & the oil is at the correct level. Then rebuild the carb and pump when i get the parts. Got allot of projects to get going for spring.
  14. I go commando

    Yeah I see, I think the sears Tecumseh motors are set up like that and the wheel horse VH80 has the 3 lines of mystery.
  15. I go commando

    jeez searching this forum I found another guy that had one, and his carb is setup the same way check it out....