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  1. 2 more to sell, C195 & 520H

    yes it is still for sale
  2. 1990 520H with snow plow

    Changed Price to 1000.00 OBO
  3. runs good and drives great the hour meter hasn't worked since iv'e had it i'm guessing about 800


    1. mustangken


      which tractor is this?  both were in ohio


  4. looking for a fuel sending for a 520h anybody know where i can get one

  5. 1990 520H with snow plow

    I have a 1990 520H for sale i have used this tractor for about 6 years it could use a paint job and maybe a tuneup and a seat runs really good it comes with a plow the only reason i'm selling it is because i bought another 520 and i don't need both of them my email is dnv2u@msn.com my cell is 330-231-3801 you can call or text anytime 1250 OBO
  6. 417-8

    i would start about 700.00 that's a fair price for a 417-8
  7. wheel horse gold

    i have an 89 also and it has the column shift and so is the hydraulic lift here is a pic of it
  8. wheel horse gold

    does anybody know what year wheel horse started the 520 gold I got an 89 that my friend bought new and it's got the gold emblem on the hood and the rear whth all the gols decals on it he bought that way from toro dealer opps wrong year it's a 96