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  1. Nos light setup

    How much to ship
  2. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    This PDF is Great Thanks
  3. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    Just subscibed to you u-tube channel looks like a great resource as I start my engine rebuild Thanks a gain for info would appreciate any video info on the engine and where to find parts as I go
  4. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    Thats looks like what I bought but this one needs to be restored or I'll use it as a parts for the currntly running one. Parts are getting a little difficult for a good price
  5. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    So, it looks like 10120 is 1973 10140 is B80 etc Parts should be interchangeable. Thanks again
  6. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    oops it a 4 speed
  7. Wheel Horse B-80 or No Name 8?

    The tag is on the side below gas tank. Someone on another forum sears its a B-80. However the tractor is a 8hp 8hp . Thanks for info and welcome Lookat picture
  8. Which model is this ? Are the parts for the most parts the same
  9. Wheelhorse 702 or 855

    Which would you choose if you could only buy one? Both need work but thats not what I'm considering
  10. Wheel Horse Service and owners manuals

    thanks a lot it is the 1973 I also trying the service manual
  11. Does anyone know where to find manuals for th wheelhorse 8 4 speed