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  1. with bare metal, would you put the 769 over rustoleum self-etching primer? EDIT: it looks like it's recommended application methods are brush/roll or airless sprayer. So it can't be thinned for HVLP? (sorry for being lazy on researching it!)
  2. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    That probably explains why one of my C85 spindles had the circlip replaced with a cotter pin.
  3. Nice progress! Maybe she'll let you mow with it in a few weeks!
  4. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    That. Is. Awesome!
  5. 1981 Wheel Horse C85

    Deconstruction continues... I was tempted to strap the motor, seat and clutch back-on for another burn around the block! Everything came apart with relative ease (minimal swearing) except... ^^^ I've got that torqued down pretty good with some ATF/Acetone pooled-up in the cavity that I hogged-out. Almost ready for paint prep... as long as I don't crack that perfectly fine gear case open
  6. War of attrition. Good thing for you that an air hammer (along with a steel will) was in your arsenal! I lost count of the # of times mine bailed me out!
  7. Great forum!

    Welcome to Red Square! Literally a barn find! 20hrs; Still breaking-in! Very cool!
  8. Introducing my C-125

    Nice Blackhood Carl and great video! Your shakedown run with the bum-wing was definitely some bonus footage!
  9. My apologies for bumping an older post. That 7019 hardener doesn't appear to contain isocyanates... intriguing since I've pretty much thrown-in the towel for using hardeners due to their toxicity... I'll have to study-up on the other components to see if there's a catch!
  10. CL find today

    gosh... a glimpse at my property if I had the space, time ...and if my wife left me
  11. Cylinder Leak Down Tester

    I use the OTC 5609. the only complaint I have is with the hose itself... there's not much to "grab" when threading it into the plug hole.
  12. 1981 Wheel Horse C85

    Tear down began this morning. 2 questions related to controls... 1st question: Am I correct to assume that there is a center cap to this steering wheel that pops off? I started prying a little without a budge so I figure i better ask 1st before going all-in! I was able to drive-out the roll-pin using a riveting hammer (@ 70psi) & pin punch. 2nd question: are these throttle / choke handles normally embedded in some kind of adhesive? This guy appears to have been epoxied on: thanks for stoppin' by the thread!
  13. Regretted Projects

    About 15 years ago, I convinced a few of my buddies to take a trip to the James River, VA to fish for spring Bluecats with a guide. We weren't thrilled about investing all of that time & $$ for 1 day of fishing (Plus... nothing beats a screaming run in the middle of the night) So, I so guess since it was my bright idea in the 1st place, I was nominated to procure/restore/maintain a boat... and haul it (and my buddies)1000 miles round trip. My 1st boat did a few seasons down there... put a few monsters on the deck ...but it was only a 16' with very little free-board; and we literally almost died in 2011 when a full sized tree smashed into us, grabbed the anchor rope and started pulling us under (The river is usually at/near flood stage when we fish). Luckily we were near a river marker & my one buddy was right there to pop the anchor rope. "We're gonna need a bigger boat" A 1975 18' Starcraft Supersport popped-up on CL the following year... in Maryland ...only 600 miles round trip. ^^^ The day that pic was taken, the brake-lines burst on my Silverado ...luckily when we were parked & checking the trailer lights. stranding me and my wallet for a few days. When the boat eventually made it home, I got off to a good start fixing a bunch of structural issues (which including replaced over 1000 rivets). I rebuilt the original 3cyl Evinrude. However a career change, relocation and multiple home projects have had the SuperSport project on the back-burner for about 3 years. Every spring I pull it by hand from the woods, extract mice nests/carcasses and put it in the garage (where it usually sits untouched)until the winter... then it gets pulled back to the woods. ...I curse it almost daily but I haven't given up on her... In fact, the boat did inspire me to buy a Wheel Horse... and I'm thinking that the Wheel Horse may just inspire the paint scheme for the boat.
  14. Worth saving or put it out of its misery?

    It will undoubtedly have some PTJDD but we never let a brother behind! I wish this were closer:
  15. Diamond in the Rust! Thank you for the awareness of bizarro M12's... as well as the idea for raising the seat pan a smidge!