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  1. On an 16 horse power b43m

  2. On an 16 horse power b43m

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get parts for on an engines, I need some internal parts, rings and valve baffle spring. Mines blowing oil out of the breather. Or does anyone have a motor laying around for parts. Thanks
  3. Kholer 18 automatic

    Thank you much for that price I'll get a new one,
  4. Kholer 18 automatic

    Thanks I would gladly buy a new one if I could find one if you could post a link to one would be great
  5. Kholer 18 automatic

    I've got a 18 automatic, I can't seem to get any power out of the starter took it all apart everything looks good, I have power at brushes but when I put it back together an bench test it I get nothing, no noise humm or whine. I think th e re is something wrong with the windings themselves, does anyone know where to get a new or good used starter, or have any ideas as to what my be wrong? I'm at a loss. The starter is a Bosch American SMH 12C1 thanks for any help my cell is 607.427 0668 f you would rather call or txt my name is Dennis thanks again
  6. onan 2 cylinder

    Could you get some more pictures?
  7. onan 2 cylinder

    What horsepower is it?
  8. onan 2 cylinder

    Would this work in a d160 wheel horse?
  9. onan 2 cylinder

    Do.you still have this for sale?
  10. Double sided Wheel Horse Lighted Sign

    Would you ship this?? 13752 zip code