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  1. Wheel horse 18 automatic

    Thank you I was hoping someone had one
  2. Wheel horse 18 automatic

    I have a wheel horse 18 automatic blew the front crank seal so I took the motor out and replaced that and the front cover gasket and the gasket on the other round gasket that the points are in and now my imagination timing is off could someone please explain to me how to ignition time the motor please all.I'm getting is backfiring out of the exhaust thanks you
  3. 18 automatic

    Thanks for the help guys I'll try that tommarow
  4. 18 automatic

    Does anyone happen to have a picture of the top of the motor of an 18 automatic, my throttle won't stay in one spot I think I'm missing a spring or something but I'm not sure, also is the linkage for the transmission adjustable, mine seems to be a little slow like the linkage is not go in all the way forward thanks for any help
  5. On an 16 horse power b43m

  6. On an 16 horse power b43m

    Was wondering if anyone knows of a place to get parts for on an engines, I need some internal parts, rings and valve baffle spring. Mines blowing oil out of the breather. Or does anyone have a motor laying around for parts. Thanks
  7. Kholer 18 automatic

    Thank you much for that price I'll get a new one,
  8. Kholer 18 automatic

    Thanks I would gladly buy a new one if I could find one if you could post a link to one would be great
  9. Kholer 18 automatic

    I've got a 18 automatic, I can't seem to get any power out of the starter took it all apart everything looks good, I have power at brushes but when I put it back together an bench test it I get nothing, no noise humm or whine. I think th e re is something wrong with the windings themselves, does anyone know where to get a new or good used starter, or have any ideas as to what my be wrong? I'm at a loss. The starter is a Bosch American SMH 12C1 thanks for any help my cell is 607.427 0668 f you would rather call or txt my name is Dennis thanks again
  10. onan 2 cylinder

    Could you get some more pictures?
  11. onan 2 cylinder

    What horsepower is it?
  12. onan 2 cylinder

    Would this work in a d160 wheel horse?
  13. onan 2 cylinder

    Do.you still have this for sale?
  14. Double sided Wheel Horse Lighted Sign

    Would you ship this?? 13752 zip code