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    @PETIT to Very nice tractor!
  2. Model 416 hydro

    @cougarpitman to I would think $200 is a very good price for a 416 H. You can always depend on the folks here at RS to help you with any issues you may encounter, plus we have a large amount of info in the manuals section.
  3. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I don't have any photos, but I am an industrial waste water treatment operator at Jasper Engines & Transmissions in Jasper Indiana. We use a hydroxide precipitation treatment process to get the solids out of the cleaning process waste water. We also have oil skimmers to remove the oil that is cleaned off of and out of the drive line components. Our discharged water goes to the city for additional treatment before it is discharged to the Patoka River.
  4. Very nice work....very realistic looking.
  5. @Jimbo8v92 And a 92 series is better than the 6V53 I operated for years!!
  6. Take it back to the Deere dealer and tell them it is a POS and you want your (moms) money back!
  7. Decals

    I tried to delete this post, as I re-read rmaynards post and realized I read it wrong....oops.
  8. @Pinball Very nice looking GT-14. I have a GT-14and have plowed snow several years with it. I actually added 6" to each side of a 42" plow to make a 54" wide snow plow! I too have a problem with the plow frame hitting the front axle (and steering components) and only raising about 3" or so off the ground. My rockshaft actually broke a couple of years ago because I was trying to make sure the plow was raised completely each time I raised it. The stress eventually caused the rockshaft to break!
  9. Clutch repair on 312-8

    @Dirk from Germany
  10. Another Bolt removal issue

    This is what I was going to suggest! I have one that I used back in the early 70's on my 1967 Honda 305 Dream!. Wish I still had that motorcycle!
  11. Ignition Coil?

    @Ward Clarke to
  12. Most states (not all) already "honor" your permit if you are not causing issues....and then there is Illinois....You aren't even supposed to drive through Illinois with a handgun! I have the "non-resident" Utah permit that has reciprocity with a few more states that what my Indiana permit covers.
  13. Hot exhaust pipe

    @Chet Drake to