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  1. New here from Greencastle IN

    @Lane Ranger @Marsha M
  2. Got her goin

  3. Drive Belt?

    @Jandrews to
  4. @JEFFREY VIGNEAUX to You and your son will have a blast redoing the 606 and showing it off at the fair!
  5. @ohiofarmer Good story. How far are you from where the Gold Wings were made? I wanted a GL1000 in 1975 when the came out...I wanted one soooo bad! I read every article I could about them. A fellow that was a father of a class mate had one and that sucker would run! I finally bought a 1978 in 1979 and rode that until about 2010 when I bought a 1996 GL1500.
  6. Need help

    @Bruce01 In your previous post, a manual was posted for you. to
  7. Wheel horse October fest

    Looks like everyone had a great time....Everyone loves a hayride....especially with a Wheel Horse pulling the wagon!
  8. Something Few of Us Have Ever Seen !

    Wow, Lane...Did you break into a hidden Wheel Horse museum? Would love those hub caps for my 654!
  9. Fuel Pump Location?

    @a.dumont to
  10. FEL on 520

    Very nice! Maybe I should put my loader on my 520 instead of the D-200!
  11. Mow deck hardware

    @Stillwaters to
  12. Very nice work. I admire people with talent to use a lathe!
  13. What is?

    NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems