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  1. Let the paint dry, wet sand it and put on another coat. This really helps smooth the "rough" spots and makes the painted surface have better paint coverage.
  2. Keeping Connectors from Corroding

    My vote is for dielectric grease also!
  3. Sunshade

  4. I got a new toy at work today

    The crane truck or an elevator truck sure beat packing them up a ladder!
  5. I got a new toy at work today

    @ebinmaine That brings back bad memories of when I worked in residential construction and had to work on the decking & roofing!
  6. MICE!!!!!!

    TEW Inc from AMAZON $35 delivered.
  7. MICE!!!!!!

    Picked up a 312-8 last week...No spark...mouse condo in the shroud and they had been having coil wire for lunch! New coil on the way!
  8. Gas

    @Wheel-horse 1056 to Ethanol is NOT your friend!
  9. Newbie (Scotland )

    @Tommy Graffen to Good luck with your restore! Keep us posted.
  10. Garden Tractor Daze Portage Wisconsin

    For the photos! We were up there last year and had a good time...except when a storm took the awning off of our "toy-hauler" at midnight one night!
  11. Hello. New C-120 Owner Here

    @WildmanC120 to Nice machine!
  12. Did the Tecky have a mounting plate between the engine and the frame? Are you measurements from the frame to crank on both engines? Just trying to make sure you did or didn't take the mounting plate into consideration.
  13. I see no reason that it wouldn't work. You will need to check out the wiring for the B & S and make sure you have the correct switch in the Horse. You may have to "fab" the belt guard to attach it to the B & S.
  14. Wheel horse

    @Shirley B to On the left hand side (as you are sitting on the tractor) there should be a tag just under the hood/fuel tank (on the outside). This is called the "hood stand"...You should see it easily if it is there. Give us the top number and we can tell you what it (originally) was!