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  1. @Evil Archer 300 to
  2. @DonNOhio to
  3. @Mal(Pa) to You need to paint your wheel weights.....
  4. @Racinbob I think it is more of an issue if the engine DOES NOT have ball bearings on the side plate.
  5. "When I got to the bottom of the hill, I didn't know if I should turn left or right, so I did both!"
  6. What difference is an electric clutch vs. a manual clutch as far as the side load on the crank/side plate? Unless I am missing something, I see NO difference in the load....only the mechanism (man vs. elect) to engage the PTO belt.
  7. @JimD Long Live Rock & Roll and everyone that loves R & R!
  8. Possibly, but some rectifiers are 3 terminals in a row, and some are offset from one another. If the 5 position works, really don't need to cut it, just use the 3 positions necessary to connect to the regulator. I will try to look this evening to see if the 5 position terminal will fit the rectifier.
  9. I got the Packard 56 series connectors (and crimpers) from: THE ELECTRICAL DEPOT.COM! I bought single, double, triple, quadruple and 5 position (what is 5?) male & female connectors as well as the male/female ends for the wires. I rewired a tractor using all new connectors and the correct gauge AND color of wire! Damn proud of myself!
  10. Very sharp looking tractor. I too thought it was a strong machine when you were doing the "chain pile" at Portage!
  11. @henryhpsd to
  12. @Ffarmer to
  13. @JMP8562 to Be sure to get the axle bracket for mounting the snow plow to your tractor. Those alone can bring $35--$50!
  14. @Redman45 to
  15. @JDmachines I was afraid of what the "JD" stood for in your screen name!