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  1. B 80

    @Seacrestbf That is a very nice looking B-80!
  2. I'm New--but I'm not...

    @Coulter Caleb
  3. Greetings to all of you.

    @Jtc And your English is just fine!
  4. New sign

    Very nice!
  5. Great forum!

    @Jayme That is a fine looking machine!
  6. Wheel Horse

    Kohler? About the only new ones are made of plastic. They do sell a repair kit for the metal ones. http://www.psep.biz/store/kohler_fuel_pumps.htm Or an electric fuel pump. http://kirkengines.com/index.php#FacetElectronicFuelPump https://www.jackssmallengines.com/Products/KOHLER/Fuel-Pumps-Diaphragms
  7. Picking up a C120!

    @hunterguy92 1st off, ! If you are "mechanically inclined" you are fine. Just make sure the engine sounds good for the $$ the seller is asking. The Kohler engines are very good engines, AND are easily rebuilt with readily available parts. Watch for the hub set screw NOT being tight and the hub not being tight on the axle. Some folks don't keep an out for this type of (possible) problem. You will be able to see right away if this machine has been well cared for. Red Square, EBay, Craigslist and other marketplace sales are good sources for parts for the tractor itself, and of course the "Big Show" in June!
  8. Should this pin tap out?

    @ChrisJordan As you tap the pin with the brass drift....work it one way...penetrant....work it the opposite direction....penetrant,,,etc, etc. It will soon drive all the way out.
  9. How can I make these work?

    I have heard that the clips can be found at a "Truck Stop" store. Same type of clips used on some caps on truck wheels.
  10. I recently bought several relays from http://goldwingdocs.com/Store. They were a little more reasonable on the price.
  11. I need Help

  12. Wheel Horse

    No, Holland IN You know the Bunner family? They are our "garden tractor friends".
  13. Saluti dall' Italia

    @Maurizio81 Hope you can read this!