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  1. My 753 wheel horse

    @Paul Powers
  2. @Graydon and you did an awesome job restoring your Wheel Horse Raider 14!
  3. Newbi question

  4. Pushed another 3" of snow out of the drive and widened (the streets) for 3 blocks around the neighborhood and cleared the snow from the fire department doors.
  5. wh

  6. GT 14 new to site.

  7. 314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

    Crankcase breather???
  8. Greetings from Spain

    @Carlos VB Some of us have been in the 60's for a couple of years now, and some folks on here are way past the 60's!!
  9. Value

    @Hoopie I noticed in your post you said, "spreader" as an attachment....what kind of a spreader? Not sure but it may not be branded Wheel Horse....just asking.
  10. Greetings from Spain

    @Carlos VB Others here have given good advise on the starter, so I won't add anything to their comments. Your English is just fine, and we know what you are talking about. As @rmaynard said, if you don't understand what we are trying to say, let us know and we will try harder to help you. We are one big, happy Wheel Horse family here and ready to help our neighbors.
  11. 1/4 mile driveway

    So the "big barn" on the left is his house? Nice!
  12. 1/4 mile driveway

    Love the big barn!
  13. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    10440 originally was a (no name) 1973 16HP Automatic with a K341S-71113A Kohler engine and a 90-2046 Sundstrand transmission.
  14. 1975 wheel horse hydrostatic 14 horse

    I can see the ID tag on the left side below the fuel tank.....What does it say?