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  1. Robbie’s 2018 show pictures

    Thanks for the photos!
  2. The Bolt - from Where?

    Glad you found where the bolt came from...always mind boggling when something like that happens. Just yesterday a friend was telling a story. He worked at a "business machine" company for many, many years. He went to a training seminar where they had to completely disassemble a calculator then re-assemble it. You have to know John, so this has to be a true story....He put an "extra" screw into another attendees box of parts and this attendee and the class instructor spent and entire weekend trying to find where that 1 screw was supposed to go. He said he never fessed up to the little caper!
  3. The end of the road

    @doc724 Enjoy your retirement and please visit us () often!
  4. Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    Thank you for all the great WH photos!
  5. Valve Stems for Fluid

    @Horse Play Are you asking about the fluid valve to replace the valve stem, or the valve that is used to fill the tire with fluid? I would use a tube and have a little insurance against the fluid eating away at the rims, thus not needing the valve stems made for fluid.
  6. Snow Blade ID help

    @rambojohnj to
  7. @Lane Ranger Have a safe and fun trip!
  8. Tractor wired by angry beavers

    @Rancid Polecat to You know that 875 is 1 of the 1st autos that Wheel Horse made? Have fun with your son working with this tractor.
  9. Shed find

    @Standman to Nice find!
  10. Sundstrand hydro transmission?

    @rbthefirst to
  11. Help/Ideas

    Not may of us have photos of our Wheel Horse tractors upside down!
  12. No charging the battery

    @Goat 2141 to The 520's are notorious for bad connections if not kept clean and tight...especially the "9 pin" Molex type connector. Check out the manuals section for your machine...Lost of great info there, or "search" 520 electrical problems!
  13. @ebinmaine have you looked at Wheel Horse Reproduction Decals ? Maybe his website will show you what it should look like, as well as actually having a "decal" to make yours correct.
  14. 42” snow blade

    I think an extension kit is for machines like the 520 with the forward swept axle so the front wheels do not interfere with the angled blade. Not to say that an "extension" won't work, but I am afraid a lot of additional fabrication will be needed.
  15. 1974 B-80 vs C-Series

    I have a B-80 that the ID makes it a 1975, but it also has the hi/low shifter. It also has a S/G so I know it is somewhat of a "Franken-Tractor", but it is still a working piece of machine!