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  1. Pat

    @probe123 to
  2. 502 restoration

    @DerekMorrissey to
  3. Are you going to build a "header" to support the weight where the center posts were removed?
  4. Woodwork

    Yes, you are a "fine craftsman"! Nice looking furniture!
  5. Are you ready for E-15

    Sorry: https://smarterfuelfuture.org/2019-rvos-action/?utm_campaign=2019RVOs&utm_source=Ecomm2&utm_medium=Ecomm&utm_content=Submit
  6. Are you ready for E-15

    The EPA has proposed a new mandate to increase the amount of ethanol in our fuel even more than there already is. I received this notice from Smarter Fuel Future, which is running a petition which you can take a couple minutes to sign electronically. The petition is to tell the EPA to reduce, not increase ethanol in fuel, and can be found here: SmarterFuel Future EPA Renewable Fuel Standard petition. It takes about 30 seconds to complete. Here's their notice: The recently proposed 2019 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volume obligations are clear indicators that the Environmental Protection Agency is doubling down on the failures of the ethanol mandates. Instead of recognizing what’s broken with the RFS, EPA decided to increase some of the mandates’ biggest flaws. As a result, the 2019 renewable volume obligations (RVOs), which dictate how much ethanol and other biofuels will be forced into the U.S. fuel supply next year, could be the highest ever. Bigger biofuel mandates are bad news for our country and our energy security—and could cost consumers dearly. NPR reports that taxpayers have already poured out an average of $5.4 BILLION a year on biodiesel—a fuel that’s more expensive and less energy dense per gallon than regular diesel. It’s also frequently imported from overseas. With the 2019 RVOs, costs to consumers could skyrocket and our dependence on foreign biofuels will continue. Additionally, most engines are not designed to run on gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. For boats, small engines and many cars, misfueling can lead to metal corrosion, rubber swelling and full engine break-downs. That’s where you come in. We have the chance to push back on the EPA about the way it’s handling RFS mandates. Submit a comment today and urge them to lower the 2019 RVOs. The RFS is a failed government mandate, and as long as it’s on the books, consumers will be paying the price. With your help, we can urge the EPA to lower the 2019 RFS mandate to levels that are better for consumers, and better for our country. And we can continue to push Congress to repeal and reform RFS once and for all. Click here to submit your comment to the EPA on the out-of-touch 2019 RVO proposal
  7. Hood “Rubber” hold down thingies

    3 Inch Rubber Latch The Actus T-handle rubber latch can be easily installed on truck hoods, battery boxes, hatches, panels, lids or any misaligned surface that need to be latched. To ensure our FlexTite rubber latches are able to function in any application we designed them with extreme environmental conditions in mind. Our rubber latch will remain flexible down to -60° F and the handles will not craze or heat check at elevated temperatures up to 250° F. Features: Material is domestically made of specially formulated EPDM rubber Wear resistant Weatherproof Forgives misalignment Dampens sound and vibration Jam free Ozone and UV resistant Flexible at extreme temperatures Interchangeable Easy to install Applications: Agriculture Automotive Aviation/Aerospace Construction Military Off-road Recreational Mining Industrial Machinery Download PDF product sheet Ordering Current Actus products and replacment parts, including vintage ADDCO actuators, controls, and rubber latches can be purchased online, or click here for additional purchasing options.
  8. That is just about how my garage looks! I too have the new nuts & bolts organized but not much else!
  9. Deck lift issue

    I bet #21 hair-pin came out of the trunnion #20. Easy fix!!
  10. Pto clutch modification

    @jerry moore to
  11. 520h '91 How To Remove Gauges?

    @Rich16 to I too have a 520 with a bad hour meter. I do have a replacement but haven't attempted to do the swap!
  12. My new shop

    Beautiful garage! I haven't figured out how to get enough 11% rebate money from MENARDS to make my next trip free! You put a lot of thought and time into figuring out what you wanted and did an excellent job!
  13. 50th DCACP show 2018

    Thank you for the photos!