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  1. We all have at one time or another bought something and later found out it wasn't quite as good as the seller stated, or other issue. That being said, each one of has maybe sold something that the buyer thought the same thing. Now I have a different problem...... I conversed back & forth with a fellow on a $20 part and $10 shipping. He was happy with the total price and wanted to know if it would fit his Wheel Horse 312-8. The part came off of a WH 312-8, so I assured him it would fit. I also sent him photos of the rod with good threads and a trunnion that would move easily on the threads. He didn't do PayPal and wanted to send me a postal money order, so I agreed. We swapped addresses and I felt like it was a good deal going on, so I sent the part to him before I received payment. He commented that he was surprised I sent the part before I received payment, but like I said, I felt comfortable with the deal. Well it has been 2 months and I still haven't received the money order he claims his wife sent! We had a few more conversations about the money, but now he doesn't answer my messages. I guess this was my own doing for sending the part before receiving payment! I have trusted folks before and people have trusted me sending items before payment received. All this took place on a Face Book garden Tractor group personal messages, so nothing has been thrown out there for the world to see. I am going to contact him 1 more time and let him know that I WILL spread his name around unless he makes this right with me. Thanks, rant over!
  2. Is this a wheel horse snow blade?

    @Android3479 to Can't say that I have ever seen a Wheel Horse plow like that one, not saying someone didn't "custom fit" it to their horse, but not in my opinion.
  3. 1963 633 Wheel Horse

    @Roy O'Hara

    But he recognizes the Wheel Horse's so he is on the right track! He will be "wrenching" on them soon!

    Nice trike! How old is your son?
  6. And parts out there

    @Jrg5281 to
  7. What do you feed your engine???

    Not trying to be a smart ass, but caustic and acid are actually opposites. Both are corrosive. I do agree that if something solid (screw or metal) got in the combustion chamber, it would have to show damage to both the head & piston. A GT service shop owner told me that "ethanol is not you friend" as far as small engines are concerned. More than likely ethanol in all it's glory is the culprit! It is odd that 1 engine has head damage, and the other has piston damage!
  8. new to wheel horse

    @Gilford wh to
  9. removing headlight bulbs

    A couple of years ago I bought new lenses from a TORO dealer...They were still available at that time.
  10. removing headlight bulbs

    @cafoose You may want to wear a good pair of gloves when you try pushing down & turning the bulb. A tight grip on a bulb when it breaks really hurts when the glass has to be dug out of your fingers! Personally, I would just break the glass and use a needle nose pliers to bend/turn the brass base out of the socket. I have purchased several single contact "pigtails" from NAPA in the past, as well as the springs & fiber washers.