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  1. Regulator test

    Used a multimeter on DCV to the battery with the original regulator still in the tractor. When running at about 1500 rpm the reading was 15.2 volts. Switched regulators to a spare from a 1988 and the same test showed 14.3. I think this regulator needs to be replaced. Ordered a replacement today.
  2. Regulator test

    I need to test the voltage regulator on my 1992 520H. I was told by a wheel horse mechanic that on these older Wheel Horse tractors, the regulator can go bad and charge too much power, eventually ruining the battery as well as other electrical components over time. I bought this tractor a month ago and it had a new battery in it. Per the mechanic that's a sign that something may be wrong with the regulator. Also the mechanic said, when the regulator malfunctions and over charges the system, several electrical components can be destroyed, one at a time if the problem is not corrected. No lights work on the tractor and the tach sits just under 4K at all RPMs. I just had to change the ignition module or "trigger". How do I test the power being sent through / out of the regulator?
  3. 1992 520H Wiring

    Thanks everybody. Since I was on here last I did figure out how to download 7 manuals from the toro website. I may have everything I need as far as manuals for now. BTW - I fixed the no spark problem I had which was another reason to download the manuals. It was the Ignition module or "trigger" as I've heard them called. Not a fun, job but it's done.
  4. 1992 520H Wiring

    I recently purchased a second 520H. It's a 1192, my other is a 1988. Developed a tranny problem on the 1988 and needed to get back to snowblowing ASAP here in Michigan. The 1992 I bought doesn't have a safety switch under the seat and the lights don't work. I can see two wires clipped under the hood, one green and one black. I didn't know if the wiring on the 88 and the 92 were the same, so before digging in and possibly making things worse I was trying to find a wiring diagram for the 92. Not had any luck finding a diagram so far in my internet searches. I see them for the 1988, and in fact there are two wiring diagrams in the owners manual that came with the 1988. Does anyone know if the wiring on these two machines are identical? Anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram for the 1192?
  5. The 1992 520H needs a new muffler. I've been searching on the internet to find a replacement with not much luck. Any suggestions?