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  1. wheel horses at belguim

    Yes, I got a brochure showing that rake attached to a Bolens TF.
  2. wheel horses at belguim

    I like the York rake attachment; very handy.
  3. My new 401 and some goodies

    Great haul. Would love one of those myself.
  4. WH Cultivators and hitch

    I particularly like the look of the earlier round hood models. I know of someone who have got one that might be available..... Thanks
  5. WH Cultivators and hitch

    Thanks Squonk. I just need to find one......
  6. WH Cultivators and hitch

    Would it fit a 604?
  7. WH Cultivators and hitch

    Thanks 953 nut. I think you are right; I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. your idea of buying them and then finding another WH is an interesting idea.... would these fit the RJ or Suburban models or other Round Hoods?
  8. WH Cultivators and hitch

    Just seen these and was wondering if these would fit onto a Round Hood 1968 Lawn Ranger? One set goes behind the tractor and the other set goes under the tractor where the deck is. I know these will fit the Raider and Charger models. Thanks
  9. Lawn Ranger

    Vincent, have you tried My Old Machine Forum which is a UK based forum and is a sister forum to Red Square. Quite a few WH owners on that forum including a chap from Holland.
  10. Lawn Ranger

    That's very nice too. Do you guys have a big European WH scene over in Belgium? There are quite a few WH lads over here in the UK that I know.
  11. wheel horses at belguim

    Vincent, very nice example. Thanks for sharing.
  12. wheel horses at belguim

    Any photos of the RJ58 Vincent? Thanks
  13. Lawn Ranger

    Sarge, There is a guy in Canada making new covers for Bolens. Doing a fantastic job and the quality is spot on. His work can be see on the Bolens Forum under his avatar Chev 29 on GTt.
  14. Lawn Ranger

    Great to see different subtle versions of the Lawn Rangers.
  15. Lawn Ranger

    I am pleased to say that I bought the Wheel Horse and will collect it in a few weeks time. Looking forward to going through it and giving it a service. I know I need a seat for it and a gear knob as well. My intention is to give it a deep clean and preserve it as is. As far as I am aware, the Round Hood WHs are harder to find than the squarer front models in the UK. Better photos will be forthcoming soon. Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback; much appreciated.