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  1. Toro wheelhorse 520h

    Not the best picture as it was taken for one of my own problems on my 520H. Looking from the front with the air cleaner base removed.the vacuum line is at the bottom of the pic. Arthur
  2. Onan P Series Governor Ball Replacement Procedure.

    Is the problem that the slots for the balls wear or that the spacer slips on the shaft? If its that the balls become loose in the spacer, would it be posible to move the balls to the other five slots? Arthur
  3. 520H running away

    Thanks to the photo I have now been able to get the carb linkage correctly set up and the engine will now idle and rev out to max revs as it previously did. The down side is that once warm it is now hunting on the governor at higher revs. Looks like it might be time to renew the fuel lines, filter and possibly re-seal the intake manifold as well as clean the carb again. Arthur
  4. 520H power meter/ vacuum gauge flickers

    My fairly new to me 520H which looked very good in the pictures has a growing list of things to resolve. I dont know if it is related to the rough running (See 520 running away) but the gauge connected to the inlet manifold does not hold a steady reading. The needle vibrates over perhaps a quarter of its ark. Also the breather makes a loud noise and if you hold your finger over the hose that enters the bottom of the air cleaner it sucks quite hard. I have had the breather apart and made sure that the four balls are free and that the packing is clean, The Onan manual shows a read valve but the wheel horse manual does not and mine only has the ball valves. I dont know if this is "what they are like sir" or if they are symptoms of worse problems as yet undiscovered. Cheers Arthur PS I will keep the not charging for another day.
  5. 520H running away

    How I should do it! Photo courtesy of Boomer. I will make suitable adjustments and retry. It would also be nice if my motor looked like this. Mine is cleaner now that it hasn't got half the sump oil spread all over it. Cheers Arthur
  6. 520H front axle

    Sounds like the export situation is the answer then as the engine number goes with 1994 and has a toro badge on the fan shroud and the tractor has a toro badge on the rear of the hood. Arthur
  7. 520H front axle

    I have a 520H which I believe to be a 1994 model Model No73520, Serial No 4900129) and has a 1994 P220G engine. What I was wondering is when and why did the 520 get a forward swept front axle. Mine has a straight front axle which I assume is original. Cheers Arthur
  8. 520H running away

    Photos as requested. Cheers Arthur
  9. 520H running away

    I cant take a photo now as its about 5 miles away, but should be able to tomorrow.
  10. 520H running away

    I did read the governor part of the manual before I posted the enquiry. I checked and left it in the same hole as it was in the first place. When I removed the carb I left the arm attached to the governor so I know which hole it was in originally. The governor worked fine before I took it all apart, Arthur
  11. 520H running away

    Newish to me 520H not running very cleanly. Manual suggests check plugs. Plugs incorrect grade and fitted with washers not taper seat. found second set of washers stuck in each plug hole recess. Got them repoved and new plugs ordered and fitted ok but no improvement to running so removed the manifolds and cleaned the carburetor. When I tried to start it it ran away to max revs and I had to turn it off for fear of imminent self destruction. Checked on this thread and found that I had the governor to carburettor link in the wrong hole. Corrected this and restarted (without the air cleaner) and it now starts and goes to about 3500 with the throttle set to minimum. Governor arm does move but does not shut motor down to an idle. Before I remove the manifolds and carb again does anyone know what I may have done wrong. The adjustable jet was I think set at one and a half turns out when reinstalled. Cheers Arthur
  12. Having recently become a member with a 520H I now have added a 312/8. From the model number I believe it to be a 1988 (E1-12K801) Bought sight un-seen other than photos so I am checking it out with no experience. Transmission oil is a bit iffy in colour but probably not water contaminated. one axle oil seal is leaking and the transmission makes a bit of noise. Does the clutch idler tend to make a noise. I cant see any reference to lubrication in the manual (only the parts manual available from Toro for this model number) but checking on the user manual for model number 73363) Did read a topic which referred to a heavy duty idler which could be this https://smallenginepartsdepot.com/heavy-duty_v-idler__toro_95-7668.html Any info appreciated. Cheers Arthur
  13. Vacuum oil removal

    Thank you all for your repies. I will get some of the loctite mentioned and give it a try. If that fails I migjht try one of the quick drain taps as there would be less lenght to resist vibration and if all else fails it might come down to a drain plug. I guess that its not that onerous to unbolt the motor once a year if the drain threads are not up to keeping the remote drain tube secure. I take the point of the never being sure of getting all the old oil with the vac tube, even if you reverse up a slope with one back wheel to tip the oil forward and towards the dip stick corner. I have bought a new filter and will next have to decide what the best oil is. My other mowers etc all get Groundforce SAE30 Use above 0 centigrade colder than that and they hide in the shed! The oil meets the API SF in the manual but I have seen discussions regarding synthetic oil. Cheers Arthur.
  14. Vacuum oil removal

    Hello all. As a new Wheel Horse owner I am in at the deep end. I have a nice clean looking 520H and hastvarted to discover a few things. One is that part are a bit more dicult to come by in England and another is that I have a fairly large oil leak. At first I looked at the forums and concluded that it was probably the filter adapter gasket (so have managed to order one) but today have found that it is possibly only a very loose niple in the oil pan. I was wondering if any one has simply put another bung in the oil drain hole which would solve any vibration issues in the future and then use a vacuum oil removal down the dip stick tube come oil change time. Also on a previous thread someone (lynnmor) said that they used high strength thread locker. What make and spec might that be? Enough of my ramble. I look forward to any replies. Arthur