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  1. Kholer k301s

    How did you find that?
  2. Kholer k301s

    I’ve recently had trouble with my kholer K301s model motor off of my Wheel Horse 1277. The only reason I know it’s a K301s model is from doing some research and I need to know what the specs are but my identification tag is completely worn out. Any ideas on what I can do to figure out how to identify it or get parts for it?
  3. Wheel horse raider 10

    What is this working wheel horse raider 10 pull start worth? Deck works and it runs good
  4. Wheel horse 1277

    Those head
  5. Wheel horse 1277

    It charges the battery and it does start within ten revolutions, I don’t believe there are any tranny leaks and it has new tires that all hold air.
  6. Wheel horse 1277

    I’ve got a wheel horse 1277 that I fixed up and got running I’ve replaced spark plug, choke and throttle cables, and it’s not to the point you can turn a key and it runs great the paint isn’t perfect and the seat is pretty much gone. I’ve replaced tires as well. I’ve got a deck and a plow and a small trailer to pull behind it. What would something like this be worth?