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  1. Snowplow install question...

    Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hello all, Would a snowplow on a B80 work on a 520h? I have the chance to purchase the plow for my 520h....but its being used on a b80 and want to make sure it will work. Thanks! Dave Portenier
  3. Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    Bearing replaced with no issues!!!! Can't thank you guys enough!
  4. Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    THANK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will start working on it this week....and will let you know how it goes!!! Might re-paint the whole thing while I'm at it haha Dave Portenier
  5. Auger Removal from Two-Stage

    I took the four bolts out on the sides of the blower as you can see in the picture. I just dont know how to get the whole auger out so I can access the bearing.
  6. Hello all, I am in need of some assistance. I recently purchased a Two-Stage Snow-thrower....and one of the bearings on the end of the auger needs replaced. I just don't know how to remove the auger in order to get to the old bearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave Portenier.
  7. 2 stage blower knocking

    @WV Hillbilly Do you still know/have the part number for the cam lock bearing you installed on your 2-stage? I am thinking of doing that to mine.
  8. 2 stage blower knocking

    Holy Moly!!!! Thanks for all the info guys!!!!!!!! Your help is greatly appreciated.
  9. 2 stage blower knocking

    Thanks for the replies!!!.....I had my twin sit on the tractor and engage the belt while I listening from the front and pinpoint the sound.....the knocking sound is coming from the right auger on the end near the frame of the blower. Would that be a bad bearing in the auger?? Thanks!
  10. 2 stage blower knocking

    Can someone please give me guidance of why my 2 stage blower is making a knocking sound when engaged and running?? Thanks all! Dave Portenier
  11. I will take the blanket, please let me know a payment method. Thanks!
  12. Hello! I emailed you in regards to a part you have listed for sale. The part number is 116906 and its a lift part for the two stage snowblower. 

    I also emailed your picture of it with it circled. 


    Thank you for your time!


    Dave Portenier

  13. Wheelhorse Parts for Sale

    I am interested in part #116906. Its for a two stage snowblower. It the part on the floor in front of the larger guard/shield.....it has an "L" shape with a bar attached to it. Thank you!!!
  14. Two stage Lift Assemby

    Looking for the lift assembly for a 44 inch two stage snowblower. Part Number 116906.