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  1. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    It is supposed everything is clean from tank to carb, new petrol filter, new air filter.... 90 € spent, and the same.
  2. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    And this is the other side
  3. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    It is a 312-8 WH , with a Kohhler Magnum 12. On the picture the two screws....
  4. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    AT WALBRO helped me to identify the carb the reference on the carb is WHG 022677 So I asked the gasket in UK the sent it to me (third file) Somebody told to me the Bowl Gasket is not the proper one... ¿¿?? I´m trying to clarify this point.
  5. 312 -8 Carburetor tuning

    Hello...... After many problems, electrical, etc. WH runs......BUT! no well, I mean when I asked gas to the Throttle I "flood the engine"... I have screwd and unsccrew the two screws trying to find the way, but nothing. While it is idling no problem, even moves at low speed well, but when I pull the throttle... and also a little bdark smoke. Help please
  6. Greetings from Spain

    Thankyou very much Formariz !
  7. Greetings from Spain

    I would like to have a picture of the original one and try to find it here, please could somebody post one...
  8. Greetings from Spain

    Sorry the tablet write his own english
  9. Greetings from Spain

    Hi,the WH is now in a general agricultural equipment reparation shop ..... the carburator is dismounted ,but the guy there hasn’t seen a WH in his life he suggested me to change the engine.... 😩🙈
  10. Greetings from Spain

    Hi, How can I make one?
  11. Greetings from Spain

    Still problems, once I got the spark plug was in place, WH worked for one day, next one didn´t want to start. Now I need to finde the carburator bowl gasket. It is a WALBRO, could I know the Kohler part number, well the point is to find the carburator model and try to find the proper bowl gasket.
  12. Greetings from Spain

  13. Greetings from Spain

    Hi again. Troubles with my WH, I have not worked with it since march, he runned for few hours. For some reason spark plugs don´t last. So the question is : Wich is the proper spark plug for the Magnum Kohler, is the Champion RH 10 C? Is long or short thread? Thankyou
  14. Greetings from Spain

    Thankyou very much, without your help it wouldn´t have been possible WH 312 -8.mp4
  15. Greetings from Spain

    Well, I have it at home! Any consideration about assembly, adjustment..?