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  1. Need Opinon On 416-8 Purchase

    Thanks guys the fast replies. I've been lurking your sight but finally decided to sign up. Extra thank you to Ed for giving me a bargain tip. You also asked if any impliments but it only comes with the deck. Talked to the owner hopefully we can play American Haglers this week end. I tried to enclose a image for you to evaluate.
  2. Hello, I found A 1989 416-8 for sale approx 100 miles from my home with 825 Hours on a Onan engine, decent paint not faded or rust with a few charter flaws from the pictures. I will try to post pictures later if not sold. there is some minor things like missing dash light covers and minor rust on gauges. He clams the drive belt came off and is asking $700.00. My question is do you consider this a reasonable purchase and what should I pay attention of mechanical detail? One question I have for him is there any problem with the trans. My last question is do you think I could offer him $600?