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  1. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    It was froze. Heated it up with fire and another mower LOL but I finally got it broke free and its spose to be 36 tomorrow so it should thaw a little more
  2. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    The first pic with the chain what does that do? Its a lever hooked to a cable that runs under the dash and I can't find it after that. I'm guessing the dipstick bent from ice? It wasn't bent this morning before I checked the rear end.... The oil is nasty but seperated from the water. No boot on the shifter and a look down the dipstick tube
  3. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    I just went out and took some pictures let me upload them to my pc and ill post them
  4. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    It sat a few months without the wheels being turned AT ALL. Then I picked the time during freezing temps to mess with it :/ The high is only 28 tomorrow but 38 Wednesday so it should hopefully melt then. Im just praying that is the problem. Ok thanks I don't even remember seeing one on it
  5. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    Is it a standard boot for the shifter? If not where can I get one.
  6. GT-1642 stuck in between ranges

    In Arkansas we don't normally. But I am restoring this ol girl and it does have milky oil in the rear end. The high today was 24..... What oil does it take and Ill change it tomorrow.
  7. Just as the title says its stuck between high and low and the tires and pulley are locked up solid. I can't get the lever to move and I have tried pulling it with another tractor to see if it would loosen something up. Being stuck in between ranges is just my guess at whats wrong considering I cant move the lever.