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  1. Pair of Horses- new to me

    Thanks for all the welcomes !!!! I put the plow on the C-100 hydro and of course no snow since...... but I'm ready lol......I did test it after mounting, cool little rig !!! Hope to make room in the shop for both of the WH's this weekend. They will enjoy the heat. Mike B
  2. Pair of Horses- new to me

    Thanks for all the welcomes !!!!! If we don't get buried in snow I'll try and get pics as I unload them and fire them up this weekend.... might have to use the plow !!!!! Snowbomb going off here all day tomorrow. Mike B
  3. Hi all Brand new member here.... I've been using my Bolens for the last thirty years but saw these last week and they were asking to come home with me... brother and sister Wheelhorses. A 1975 B100 8 speed and a 1975 C100 hydro... with a deck and a plow...the trailers appear to be older Harbor Freight bolt togethers but I'm sure someone will want them, nice size for a garden trailer. Brought them home New Years day... had a VERY crowded trailer... I'm sure I will have a lot of questions ...this looks like a fun and friendly and knowledgeable forum !!!!! Happy New Years all Mike B