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  1. Adios

    You never know. Can make a ton of money down here if it snows and you got a blade for residential customers. Doesn't happen very often obviously
  2. Adios

    $2500 is ridiculous, right? It is beautiful and the attachments, but I was thinking $1000? Anyway, as we speak I'm on my way to Raleigh to pick up a 54" 4-way hydraulic front blade for the 317!
  3. Adios

    Always liked the black hoods. 520's and the 417. There's a 67, 877 automatic for sale locally, with small cart, deck and front blade for sale that's all original and beautiful. The owner passed and his son is selling it, but thinks he's got a gold mine @ $2500. Way too steep.
  4. Adios

    Just to prove @WVHillbilly520H, here's the 214.Thanks
  5. Adios

    As a matter of fact Jeff my 214 looks exactly like that. Weights, hydraulic lift,(it's a 1980!) Integral hitch, and ALL the attachments and goodies. No pics in this new phone but I promise you it's CHERRY. btw that 14hp single runs smooth as my kt17!
  6. Adios

    Still got 2 greens, so not outta the game, but have a whole new excellent perspective of wh and the wh community. You guys second to none! On a happier note, going with my dad to look at a 900 hr 417a for $500 for him. Thanks again to all until I return.
  7. Adios

    Thank you, I will. Just couldn't turn the money down. Would've been bad business to refuse. Thanks I'll hold on to the handle for a while. Kinda sad, 2 "kids"in 2 days.
  8. Adios

    Well guys, I guess it's so long! Someone bought my JD 212 yesterday, and couldn't refuse the money for my 520 today.😣 I am no longer a wh owner, so doesnt feel right hangin' out with you guys. Thanks Terry good luck all. See you down the road.
  9. Clevis hitch for the 520h!

    Ya @Horse Newbie unfortunately I get obsessed with my tractors, cars, saws. I try to finish them my way. I'm very anal., in case you didn't figure that out yet, before starting something else. Sometimes I don't quite make it. 😣 The hitch is for brinly type attachments like I stated earlier in my post.
  10. Clevis hitch for the 520h!

    Really? Saw one on cl dowm here (tiller) and had the mounts like this hitch? Think (Not sure, # was 73930?) It was a toro, do remember that. Had mule drive and all but @ $450 had to pass and lost it. @Horse Newbie if you ever wanna sell yours..........only half hour away lol.
  11. Clevis hitch for the 520h!

    Thanks Jeff. After holidays may need that front weight set up! @WVHillbilly520H by the way, only fuzzy part of instructions is how (and where) tube holder mounts, but guess I'll figure out after fender deck is off.
  12. Clevis hitch for the 520h!

    Instructions say they connect tractor lift bar with ball end of cable. Long one for hydro, short for std.
  13. Hey guys, kinda gotta brag about this one. Got my sleeve hitch out of Alabama today for $100! Got part # 85518 from you guys,( thank you very much) got lucky and found it on ebay. Took a chance and ponied up the $100 with only a picture of the box. It's dated '93 so sure it's right for my 520h and wouldn't you know, everything's there! Couldn't have done it without the wonderful members of this forum. Thanks Terry. Just what I need for my brinly plow, disk, tater plow, and backblade!
  14. 520h speed issues

    Hear ye! Here ye!, another closed case for the red guys! Cleaned up cam and washer today, dried everything off as suggested, and adjusted to neutral. (Also turnbuckle bolt at left side of disk was loose) getting 5 mph out of her now with no creeping down of the lever. Good reverse too. Takes a little while to finesse it but got it. Thanks to ALL who helped in this phase of my project. Am sure will be back soon with somethin' else, but for now Thanks Terry
  15. 520H equivalent in JD?

    I'm guessing by crank size, you mean for the different pto set-ups among manufacturers.