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  1. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    @WVHillbilly520H, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @953 nut, please tell me these weights were not filled with sand.😣 came off the 414 I just sold and was cleaning them up today and this metallic sand is pouring out at all the cracks. Are these worthless? Doesn't look like fine cement. Thanks
  2. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    @jwalk2cc, @WVHillbilly520H, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @wheelhorseman, @953 nut. First of all sorry Johnny if I'd known you wanted it I'll always lean toward a red square member. It was savable for sure but pics made it look better than it was. Now the 312 done except for a new saddle and shoes. (See, I'm gettin this). Call or message any time johnny. You and, @Horse Newbie in Monroe only guys I got down here. I find stuff all the time and will keep you in mind.
  3. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Well, sold the 414-8 today, @WVHillbilly520H, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @953 nut. It went fast. Finished up the electric lift in the 312-8 and rear lift assembly. Now on to the hitch pin for my slot hitch. Pita. No lift handle here! @richmondred01 hooked me up with that, thank you. Tires and a seat and about done.
  4. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Sorry guys, 80 degrees in Charlotte this week.putting the electric lift in the 312-8 this week. Got to deal with the hitch pin now, but man, the lift fingers on the old manual rock shaft is up there with steering wheels and hitch pins! Had to cut that off with no room in the frame and almost broke the press at work getting the lift fingers off the yoked rock shaft for the electric lift. Pita!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Today's haul

    @WVHillbilly520H, ok but what holds them on the spindle. The tire, rim, and bearings. I see no snap ring groove or bolt hole in the end of it
  6. Today's haul

    Sorry to lean on you so heavy, @WVHillbilly520H, the left front wheel bearings came out in pieces so where to get bearings and what holds them on the spindles. (414) thanks
  7. Today's haul

    Ya, @WVHillbilly520H, I got sucked in by the trailer, but something else wh didn't make. Can't give away the blower down here, but got the 414 running today after cleaning carb and getting the water filled gas out of it. It backfires when coming down quickly from full throttle. Could be a condenser or points i guess. I mean a good 4 inch flame out the muffler
  8. Today's haul

    @elcamino/wheelhorse, just 2" semi funtional. Got the air cleaner high enough to be up inside the cowl. Not sealed off though. Need to do this stuff tastefully in my opinion, but I'm super old school as you can tell
  9. Today's haul

    Ya, ya it's a '72 by the way, @WVHillbilly520H, see the turn signals in the grille? That was for the wire comment,😁 also it's Mojave gold
  10. Today's haul

    C'mon boys we've been through this before. Got to get back to working on tractors. @WVHillbilly520H, @elcamino/wheelhorse, @jay bee
  11. Today's haul

    That looks like it! @953 nut, he swears it and the blower were on the 414, I don't know how.
  12. Today's haul

    Ya i know it didn't look right from the start. There's 1 steel bar that bolts to the trans or frame in the back. The blower has adjustable wheels. The badging screems 70s or maybe 60s @WVHillbilly520H
  13. Today's haul

    Hey guys, @wheelhorseman, @WVHillbilly520H, brought this stuff home today. Big question did wh make a gooseneck trailer like this? Really hope so, paint looks right and came out of the same lot as the rest of this. Owner swears he had blade and blower on the 414-8 Which means it'll fit my 312-8. He talked me (or bribed) me into taking tractor with me. Got the weights and chains too. $440 for all of it. Tractor runs but has fuel delivery problems.
  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Alright @WVHillbilly520H, @wheelhorseman, @elcamino/wheelhorse, to do my diligence, here are the finished rims with 7515 aluminium rustoleum. Little bright so will have to paint front rims too when time comes for tires.
  15. Wh disc? Sleeve hitch

    Picked these up yesterday, traded my old brinly set even for these. @WVHillbilly520H, @wheelhorseman, @elcamino/wheelhorse. The bad news for you guys picked up 2 new greens this weekend. 300, 140, looking for a nice k241as, 14hp, pre '75 for the 140 if anyone might know where there is one. Thanks Terry