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  1. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    good on you ! now you are getting some ware , with a question ,comes an answer.my first reply to you was that you should just get after it. now others are stepping up with response. costly, yes , but like stevasaurus said your gear box will be like new. look at the opportunity you have, to either buy the whole kit ,or if you can get bearings cheaper in the uk. just get the bigger ( and more difficult to get ) bearings stateside. you can't nickel and dime this type of job, but you can realize how to take advantage of your options. hope you get your parts and get this done, pete
  2. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    do you know the main bearing numbers? I was just looking at e bay , and various bearings are available. pete
  3. Mower deck quality

    practically every deck I see for sale or not, is trashed from neglect. do you think its smart to regularly clean a service your deck? did you only w/d 40 the top side? the bottom side needs the most regular care, cleaning and oil spraying it down, let the sun get on that side , dry it out and suck in that oil. after cutting season , clean it and oil soak, leave over winter, upside down , soaking in that oil, kill off the rot. regularly look at spindle pulleys , and belts, grease spindles, slide belt tensioner, what a concept. you can make your deck last, pete
  4. Mower deck blades questions

    that 36" r/d deck is definitely overdue for basic clean up and blade sharpening . all of that caked on grass grunge is trapping moisture and future rot, after you scrape it off, you could let it air dry in the sun, just the opposite of the life its been living. Then spray it down with a penetrating oil spray to counter the start of rot. leave the deck upside down for air and sun , hopefully you will save it, not that difficult . also check the spindle belt ,while you are lubing the spring tension slide. those 36r/d decks are really smooth and cut very well, regular maintenance , will help them live on , pete
  5. If you have a recycler deck

    good going on that squonk, you are right, after the issue of deck rot, in addition to regularly scraping/cleaning mine I also soak the underside with cable and chain spray to feed that metal .I don't have a recycler deck but I stay after it for any repair or damage issues. you are making your horse live on , good going , pete
  6. C-195 help

    having a black hood c 85 for 36 years, I use the gas grill, black satin finish for the best look, not bright and shinny , just a clean satin finish. I also use premium décor gloss " fiesta red " for the main color. simple easy , prep , tape/paper masking and paint, keeps tractor looking fresh. just stay after it . pete
  7. Phoenix from the flames - I hope.

    the main bearings are ok??. are you serious?, there is no rotational bearing or mounted seal that I would not replace. that corrosive wet slurry will surface score any bearing, making it something that should be replaced. I would also use a 10-30 oil for a run in and further flush to ensure you got all the crud. then refill with 85-140 . you have this completely apart, you don't rebuild it, and then say , " I should have " as a noisy bearing grinds back to life. having done a lot of gear drives, now is not the time, to hope a bearing is ok. Pete
  8. A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    good recovery ! good job, its hard to think like someone that has no " operational experience " on even the most basic mechanical equipment. as a retired mechanical millwright, I have seen more " oil shearing " failures then I need , that probably makes me go after lubrication more than anything. its the old school inherent strength of this unit, that makes it a savable unit, its smart to take advantage of that. I would use a perforated metal on that air ducting if possible , that would let the " blown air " act as a cleaner as well as a cooler, reducing the grass build up. knowing that you probably touched every neglected part of this unit says a lot about your thought and concern to save this tractor. if you grew up with this type of tractor , you know it can live as long as you want it to. good work , pete
  9. Taking a ride....come-along!

    good pictures, thanks for the ride along, before you know it you will be thinking of getting a ( unimog ) so you can do anything , incredible road going power plant. pete
  10. FEL Build for 520

    experiment with your amps, and wire size, or have a more experienced welder, help you zero in on the issue. you are probably right on the edge of easy weld starting. I had a similar issue , and a pipefitter / welder helped me right out. Pete
  11. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    701 looks like its ready for the next phase, great seeing mechanical anything from the past, when failure was not an option. going to the Colchester show , zagrey farm on may 5 , always an opportunity to look at and pick up more stuff. last time, there was a very early horse there with " hit and miss power " , great ideas on that , just stopped you in your tracks. keep the past alive, pete
  12. retired1946@att.net hi ed, found a way on pictures. found a set of gravely snow blower swivel wheels, I think 1982, welded 4 bolt studs to back of blower housing, 2 on each side. then cut some 1/4" steel plate for backing mount, that way the plate squared off against the studs and lower angle brackets bolted to lower blower frame rail, very solid , no flexing. Only issue was grinding vertical slots for swivel adjustments. I have to pick up blower to back up, but that's the only penalty . blower just cruises from lawn to paved driveway. I wanted to stay inside of the forward " wing " width for ease of swivel wheel. on blower chute, I changed over to 1/4" electrical lugs to replace the screw type cable clamps, drill out the pop rivet , bolt on the lugs, simple and bombproof, also use 100lb nylon weed cutting line, very smooth and no binding, use silicone grease. Kevlar belt. as usual ,I find tweaking the original design with a number of " what if " ideas corrects a problem and makes for very easy use. also bolted electrical lug to battery post, simple go to power site. pete
  13. hello ed, have the pictures, having a problem getting them to this page. any ideas would help out , pete
  14. the actual width of the single stage snow blower is 36" , but when you bolt on the " edge wings " , straight edge forward, the width increases to " 42 " . that also increases the snow intake and helps the feed of the blower. ( lubriplate chain and cable spray ) is best for the auger chain and gear drive , I never let that dry out. spray it before use and after use, also spray down for storage. go after any metal contact movement points with lube, what a concept, for easy usage. like chute rotator rod, and chute base, also the double pulley belt drive frame, so spring tension is smooth and solid. a little detailing on this unit makes it really work, my experience, pete
  15. New to me truck

    very solid looking truck, I also use a lot of the 303 products, best prices at ( overtons ) boat supply , frequent sales and deals, dollars cheaper. meguiars ultimate quick detailer , polymer rich ( which feeds paint ) will make that paint pop with glow, easy spray on . glad to see someone getting a good rig ,that won't trash or neglect it. good luck , pete