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  1. 2 stage snowblower question

    18 hp should have no problem running that blower, I think the most important area of resistance ,is the lack of lubrication maintenance on any blower. any movement point, chain or belt tension pulley areas ,should be free and smooth to follow its design function. Most of the attachments you see have never, been lubricated to function. if the blower is in well maintained shape , keep it that way. also learning how to use a blower helps out, using your gearing and keeping the blower speed constant will let you know what works best. I think this winter is going to be a heavy wet snow , favoring plowing. if you are lucky to have dry snow , you will have a great time , pete
  2. redline69, having done this on 3 horses , yes, the bearing will fit, It mounts on the bottom of shelf, right where you added that support, bearings on eBay, just got another pair for 14 $ ,free shipping . I know its a tight spot, but once you remove the upper dash level, the opportunity will come into view. that is a major control area, I cleaned up and wire wrapped all wiring, no more chafing. steering play and pto play issue .I think its a matter of getting fed up with a problem, I know I had reached the make it go away point, pete
  3. noting your first picture, perfect opportunity to install a, 2, bolt 3/4" flange bearing to that steering shaft ,after doing that I cover the upper end of column with size to size pvc plastic pipe, painted black .next opportunity , tighten that steering wheel to shaft fit, I use s/s shim stock 5 to 8 thou, cut a strip about 3/4 " wide 2 1/2" long and shape it to the top of shaft and diameter. verify your wheel fit , use a taper pin to pick up shaft hole to wheel hole , vise grip shaft, and move wheel to line up spiral pin hole , never seize pin and install. I also use wooden block between lower steering wheel and seat mount , for solid on/ off of wheel, no impact bounce. while I was there I also shimmed up that sloppy pto lever system, go after any of the movement gaps, with washers or Teflon washers, snug up anything you find, I also use those push in slide pins, easier than cotter pins, most important , LUBRICATE ALL MOVEMENT POINTS , what a concept, smooth easy lever engagement. reading your text was just like going along for the ride, getting after it is always better, pete
  4. Sickle bar mower, David Bradley (two walk behinds)

    I agree on the jari cutter view of this, this is a great find ! as you are aware, this is old school bombproof mentality ,having regularly recovered older equipment , I resto mod it. you can recover long neglected areas and modify them as needed , levers and control cable's that have never been lubricated can be enhanced to work with ease. sea foam gas treat meant, stabil fuel additive, gear box oils that have never been changed . just looking at your pictures makes me want to get after it and bring it back, imagine what chain and cable spray would do for those cycle bars and friction points. good luck with them, pete
  5. Brought home 2 more, a 520H and a 312H.

    cleat , fantastic job ! I can only imagine how fired up you must have been to recover these two horses. your thoroughness and insight detail really shows, also having a well set up shop let you get after issues without having to fumble around. the pictures were the doing all the talking for you, thank you for taking us along for the ride, terrific work , pete
  6. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I agree that berrymans is the better buy at 1/2 the price , local Wal-Mart in my area can hardly keep it in stock, pete
  7. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    found seafoam to be very good and helps keep your fuel system clean , don't wait for things to get funky. I also add a can to car fuel tank on a long drive, that way for hours and hundreds of miles of ideal driving conditions its getting cleaned , also increases mpg, pete
  8. Garden Tractor Sized Gravity Wagon

    good work, looks like the bottom of a drop chute, very familiar to those , only change would be the valve / discharge area, to adapt to a production flow. anything made like that for a production process , was totally bombproof , it had to be , running 24/7 flat out. great seeing metal fab that had to survive in a production area, only thing missing is the dent battered sides, from the operators, beating on it , that had to free up the product going thru it. been there done that , Pete
  9. go into Toronto, great international city, be sure to visit the CN TOWER , when I went it had the fastest elevator in the world, the views are amazing , pete
  10. The things we have to do.

    like my wife has said to me, " you are just going along for the ride , smile your way thru it, it will be over before you know lt " she was right, pete
  11. having used my c - 85 with 8 hp for years I would say its best with a 42" dozer blade, used it regularly to clear lots of driveways, with weights and chains. learning how to plow and take advantage of how to use it , is another thing you must pay attention to. having changed over to 12 hp , that is what you want to run that blower, rather than being on the edge of power for pto drive, you will have plenty to really get that blower thrust you will need. remember what ever you are using . it is not a battering ram, take a smaller cut , sense out how the attachment is working , or not , then adjust to that . also dry snow , is totally different then wet snow, dry snow is fun to throw , wet snow is not for blowers, I live on Connecticut , see plenty of both over winter , pete
  12. Good Wheel Horse showing at CNY Farm Progress Show

    good stuff thank you for the pictures, pete
  13. 520h pto switch fix

    found the sloppiness of the pto lever linkage to be the major problem with mine, its erratic tracking was preventing the two lever arms from regularly picking up on/off function. until I detail disassembled it ,and found its faults , my switch would not work. I used Teflon washers as well as metal washers to firm up angle areas, also brass bushed the main swing area along with lubrication at all areas. modify and check at each change , once I found the correct straight setting , it was like smooth easy constant operation. by the way, don't bother looking for w/h parts. easier to hit a local hardware store , in their slide out box tray section, they typically have all the little goodies in picture ,slide out trays. wiring was only part of it.pete
  14. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    tach a matic , nice looking rig you have. on that new blower chain, use lubriplate chain and cable lubricant, it is made for chain/gear drives , I use it on mine ,before use and after use, spins up with total ease, great stuff, I have the same set up, pete
  15. How do you build battery cables?

    typically buy a made up battery cable, but always add a wire lug https://www.google.com/search?q=electrical+lugs&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=wecwGOPIDW4eWM%3A%2CRFvGliPtUrHykM%2C_&usg=AFrqEzcMswovRQE9E_JqIzFsv6xf8TnDyg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjiisu587LdAhXKT98KHaMDAF4Q9QEwBXoECAYQDA#imgrc=wecwGOPIDW4eWM at the battery post bolt on point, that way I always have a safe and solid go to point if I ever need it. pete