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  1. Changing the fluid in tranny

    most of the new faucets have cartridges made in china that are supposed to control and flow water. they are junk, and don't last long, why is that so familiar today? then again if you don't have NOS spare parts for your old stuff you will be changing over to Chinese junk, chasing your tail , pete
  2. C-120 PTO to Deck Belt Install

    good idea to remove the mule drive belt cover nut, while its still mounted on the tractor, that gives you the mechanical advantage to loosen the nut. also the fact of having plenty of adjustment is indicating the correct belt size. note the front of the drive is flat and level, when properly adjusted. that setting is also at its strongest setting on the dial threaded rod, very unlikely to vibrate or shake while in use. I put a soft coil spring on the pto safety clip down to the base of the pto swing arm mounting, to stop buzzing vibration. also lubricated any friction points, like upper clevis . pretty simple, good luck , pete
  3. 312-8

    looking for a 312-8 tractor with 12 hp magnum engine,do not need deck,should be a solid runner. lower hours would be favorable .location ,I live in Ledyard CT, near Groton/new London, not far to westerly Rhode island. I do not have a trailer , if you have one of these and are thinking about selling it , send me a pm at, retired1946@att.net thank you pete
  4. New package

    definitely qualifies as a sweet piece, good for you , pete
  5. rolling chassis picker

    I have the kohler k 14 engine for this , needs rebuilding, that would go with this chassis, pete
  6. What size Battery is needed?

    cold weather use requires more cca, mine is 350 Wal-Mart, also have a battery tender plug in hard wired at battery posts. wire wrapped that to my choke cable, for quick /easy plug in anytime and winter. pete
  7. mule drive

    i think part of the issue is the forward angle setting on the drive, looking at the # 10 pictures, you are at the end of your adjustment threading. also note the 45% lower forward angle of the mule drive, both of these issues effect the stability of the drive belt. years ago I went to a shorter belt, 1" to 2" will put you right on the sweet spot for adjustment and level/ square drive mounting. I went to a local ( bearing distributor ) that has belts and bearings and sized up a shorter belt, against the used belt. Problem went away, and my drive sits square on the frame hitch point. the speed and angle vibration / lack of stability is probably the cause, when you are in the center of your dial thread adjustment , you are at the strong point of the mule. I tag all my belts with info , so I always have a spare . take your belt to a local supplier and size up a shorter belt, try it on, ( without running it ) and verify your change, they can zero in on your exact length. Pete
  8. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    hello ( Anglo traction ) thanks for the good pictures and ideas, I was really interested in the ( outside mounting of your pto lever ) ours here in the states ,are cramped inside the dash frame mount, all you see is the lever outside. just being able to regularly get at and maintain / lube that linkage must be nice. if I had the choice I would take the ( outside mount ) over the enclosed mount we have. pete
  9. rolling chassis picker

    Changed Price to $200
  10. 512D arrived today..

    https://www.outdoorking.com/engines/robin-engines/robin-engines/diesel-engines/robin-subaru-dy41d-8.5hp-diesel-engine , just looked this up, engine is a Subaru/robin diesel, neat stuff
  11. 512D arrived today..

  12. 512D arrived today..

    mike, did I pick up those mower decks from you, 42" rd, ? Pete trying to contact you
  13. 512D arrived today..

    looks like a well cared for piece, good going , Pete
  14. rolling chassis picker

    this chassis is solid , and has a hydro transmission, cooling fan in right rear fender. also has a hydro lift cylinder , the hood and fender metal are solid and savable for repaint, belt guard panel is solid also. hood has lights in it. this has the big rear end , front axel is solid no damage, drivers side front axel , spindle flops around . tires and wheels look good and are fully usable, minimum cracking , lots of wear left. between the rear end and transmission, good steel and tire and wheels, this will be a good parts source. don't want to part out, take it all , pete