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  1. Front spindal question / C-175. Rim falls off

    still available from toro $44.00 each
  2. 701 Parts

    did you find the tins around the shifter? I am parting one out
  3. 44in 2 Stage Blower parts questions

    get me part numbers I may have what you need I stock a lot of old wheel horse parts.
  4. 701 Parts

    I am parting one out I will get some pics and post them when I get a few minutes.
  5. what is it?

    I guess I will have to get the old books out because I can't find it in the parts look up on the dealer site. thanks for the help.
  6. what is it?

    can anyone tell me what this is or what it fits I have three of them in original wheel horse envelopes but I am not able to look it up. thank you
  7. Echo CS590 opinions

    we sell jonsered and echo that 590 is a nice saw for reasonable money.
  8. 701 Double Belt Cover on eBay

    been doing it a long time knock on wood never had that problem.
  9. 701 Double Belt Cover on eBay

    I got a bid on it so it will sell.

    bought these from a dealer in ny the women closed the doors in the mid 70s I came back with a truck and cab full of red iron.
  11. need new blades for 36RD mower deck

    still available from toro 60.00 plus postage

    I belonged to the group years ago then all of a sudden I couldn't gat on.

    that has been my thoughts all along I hated to ask anyone because with all the literature and dealer updates with letters from the wheel horse company I thought I might find some info but that hasn't worked out.

    well I am not to clever with that sort of thing but I will poke around to see if I can learn the ropes.

    they must be factory these came from a dealership in ny that closed it doors in the mid seventy's it was run by a husband and wife when he passed she locked the doors and I didn't purchase till 2005.