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  1. Coffee cups

    @ACman, Glad you got them in time!
  2. Coffee cups

    @Vinylguy, do you have the artwork he is referring to?
  3. Coffee cups

    The mug is up on the website, with a place to upload your own tractor photo, and a place to enter the name you want under the photo (if I did it right!) I will be closing this Thursday, and won't be back until January 2nd, so any orders placed after noon Thursday will not ship until I reopen! http://wheelhorsegifts.com/red-square-support-member-mug/
  4. Coffee cups

  5. Coffee cups

    I'll bribe him! lol If you share the file with me Terry, I'll print a mug tomorrow to get pics for a listing, and you can pick it up when you pick up your order!
  6. Coffee cups

    If @Vinylguy has the art, that would make a pretty awesome mug!
  7. Coffee cups

    Absolutely! I'm working on setting up that option on the website, but until I get that set up, you are welcome to send me the pictures here, or email me at imaginethatgraphics@mchsi.com
  8. Coffee cups

    Yay! I got it! Would you like a year printed on your ornaments?
  9. Coffee cups

    ACman...it will ship out tomorrow!
  10. Coffee cups

    No cups for you! Just kidding! It's letting me add everything to my cart, so I'm not sure whats going on. I'm headed out to the shop now, but will try to figure it out when I get there. Sorry for the hassle! @Vinylguy have you ever had an issue like this?
  11. Coffee cups

    I think I got it fixed!
  12. Coffee cups

    And...we're up! http://wheelhorsegifts.com/
  13. Coffee cups

    I'm here, but I haven't been in a forum in a good 20 years, so this might take me a bit to get used to and find my way around. Meanwhile, if any of you have any suggestions for WH gift items that you would like to see on the website, feel free to throw your ideas my way! ~Wendy