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  1. How to get ready for winter?

    Thank you gentlemen, this winter season is gonna be a blast! Thanks, Dan B. :D
  2. How to get ready for winter?

    I am looking for peoples opinions on how to get my tractor ready for snowblowing in the winter i am looking to use it to snow blow for a few neighbors as well as mine and was looking for advice on how to keep it in top shape. Thanks, Dan B. :D
  3. Just saw the news

    I feel lucky we upstate NYers got only around 12 inches, I only had a power surge. My teacher who lives in north from me got something like 26 inches! and its still snowing there. Thanks for looking out for us. Dan B. :party:
  4. American Pickers

    On the first or second episode when they bought a porcelain sign in some guys garage I think I saw the dash of a 80s or 90s WH! Maybe... I'm not 100% sure. Dan B. :party:
  5. young people

    It's Winter Break for me! Dan B. :party:
  6. young people

    I'm 16!! Yeah?! Dan B. :party:
  7. 1965 Horse Redo

    I heard a good way to get rust out of a tank is to: 1)Take a handful of rocks, gravel, dirt and a little water and put it in the tank and put the cap back on. 2) either place it in a towel then in a dryer for a tumble without any heat. OR Tumble it yourself, or maybe you can do it Stigian style LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fz6Fc-JKVs And then empty it out with water being very meticulous about the amount you leave in it, and if it didn't produce good results just do it again. Hope this helps. Dan B. :party:
  8. My First WH - 71' Raider 10

    never knew that! But now i know i am supporting a company that once sold wheel horses! Thanks for the knowledge, Dan B. :banghead:
  9. My First WH - 71' Raider 10

    Finally got to fixing the ole horse up tonight. The new ignition switch came in yesterday and I work all night to get it right. The switch on the left is the old/wrong one, the right is the new one. As you can see the wrong switch was bigger, which required the Previous owner to cut up the dash. This made it so the new switch wouldnt fit but i fabricated a metal plate to put between the dash and back metal! I primed the metal back plate as well. just for kicks and giggles and it also accents the red nicely. Starting putting wires back where they belong... Then I moved on to my next project while i let the paint dry. I bought an ammeter and a voltmeter for the horse and i had this gauge cluster from a junkyard car(that happens to be in the backyard. but thats a different story!) and they fit perfect my only dilemma was where to put it. I had some extra tin from a junk motor and i made a bracket for the cluster. My next mission is to paint them white or red. dont know yet! The paint dried well enough and i installed the dash So now my kick butt tractor is wicked awesome!!! Thanks for reading, Dan B. :hide:
  10. Custom Exhaust

    Nice! Never thought about turning a stack sideways. Good Idea. Dan B. :WRS:
  11. Happy Birthday Dale

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope it's the best!! Dan B. :lol:
  12. Custom Exhaust

    How about this!! Chrome Tail Pipes for a car but they fit so nicely! Dan B. :lol:
  13. Please welcome our newest Moderator

    Congratulations Stevebo! Adds a few more zeros on the end of your paycheck... from 0.00$ to 00.00$!! Thanks for making Redsquare better!! Dan B. :wwp:
  14. Custom Exhaust

    Here's a video to show you what it sounds like! Sorry about the low quality, its from my phone. Dan B. :WRS:
  15. happy birthday save old iron

    Happy Birthday!!! I hope you enjoy whats left of it!!! Dan B. :hide: