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  1. B100 Fuel Tank

    Ok guys, took the parts to my local Amish small engine shop and the guy went to the shelf and pulled both parts. 10 bucks and on my way to finishing up this job.
  2. B100 Fuel Tank

    Went to replace fuel line on my 76 B100. The bung and fuel shutoff came out of the tank bottom. How do you put it back on that little hole in the tamk bottom? Is there a secret? Is there an alterative part to replace this poorly engineered design? It came out of the tank very easily just by lifting the tank off? Thanks so much.
  3. K241S Carb Rebuild

    Ok I have been take back by the price of this kit 25 757 16-S, 55-80 bucks! So has anyone just put a new bushing in the carb body? Thanks in advance.
  4. K241S Carb Rebuild

    Looking to rebuild my k241S carb. I need the right number for the bushing kit for the throttle kit. Anyone have it? oh the Spec number is 46636d and Ser is 7410631.
  5. Halogen Lights

    Has anyone found a LED replacement for these lights? Sounds like it would be a edition.
  6. Halogen Lights

    Just came across a box of Halogen bulbs that would for my C125. Are they usable or do they draw too much power? I don't want to burn up my wiring harness. Thanks.
  7. Wiring 1976 B100

    Hi Guys, Been a few weeks since I had a chanceto look at the wiring. Yes, I do have the right switch. It seems that a PO rewired the plug or had another swithch before this one. The red wire was the only one that was correct. The orange, black and green all went the wrong terminals. Will re arrange the wires to the right configuration and hope that takes care of the problem. Just need another warm day here in central PA to do it.
  8. Wiring 1976 B100

    Bob the ser# for this tractor is 61-OK802.
  9. Wiring 1976 B100

    Hi guys. I have been searching for a wiring diagram for this tractor. Found one on this site but I can't read it because it is fuzzy. My problem is PO installed a new starter switch and it will stt if I jump from the plus side of the solenoid to the coil. When I tun the key to off it still runs until I take the wire off the coil. The amp meter is not showing any needle movement. Could i have the wrong switch or a bad solenoid? Thanks