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  1. New to me

    Good luck with it, a very nice find.
  2. 66/67 854

    Sorry its been a while since I've checked these adds. I do still have it available.
  3. Even the ugly ones need a home.

    It's actually not the worst, i have some real monsters hidden in the backyard.
  4. Found a 1964 1054 in tractor salvage yard. She's rough, lots of cobin.
  5. 953Nut and fast88pu - post GT-14 loader pics?

    Thanks 953, I hadn't seen this post before. Was needing some inspiration.
  6. MICE!!!!!!

    The traps stay locked and loaded at all times, especially when you see no activity. One day there's no mice, next thing you know there's too many mice. Kill them all!!
  7. Just hide the WH some place where she cant find it, she's happy and your happy. Everyone wins!
  8. Transplanting K341S Spec 71223a

    Organ transplant are fun to watch.
  9. Beautiful!! Real nice job.
  10. Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    Beautiful Wheel Horse. Your grandfather must have been very meticulous.
  11. Poor thing didn't stand a chance!

    She's ugly enough for me to drag home. Sometimes the worst looking ones run the best.
  12. Wheel horse 8hp 4 speed

    Nice tractor, $100 is a great price for one that runs and that's in usable condition. This website is packed full of info and others guys that help to share it. Best of luck.
  13. Wheel horse planter in action

    That's an awesome clip.
  14. Bought another one last night...at least it's Red

    See what a couple of beers can do. Nice score though.

    Yah baby, It's time to do some burnouts in lawn. Beautiful job and of course the 953 is my personal favorite.