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  1. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    She's pretty neat, but I'd steal them front tires and put on a WH.😆
  2. 1964 1054

  3. 1963 953

  4. Two days of hauling.

    Thanks, I wish I could report that the round hood was in decent shape. Decades of sitting in the high weeds has taken a toll. There's not to many usable parts. I was after the front wheels but even they are shot.
  5. New Girl on the Block

    It's nothing that 12 steps and a meeting list can't take care of. My addiction spans back about 15 years.
  6. Picked up a RJ

    I don't know anything about the tags, but it sure looks nice.
  7. Two days of hauling.

    Thank you 953, I pulled the round hood for Glen. He added one of his no wheel horse left behind stickers in with my headlight lense order. It's hard to tell in the pic but I know if anyone can figure it out it's you. The tow truck I am using ls hot rod 953. I have to get this pic. thing figured out. I tried to add an album but it just won't work with this phone.
  8. Two days of hauling.

    Sorry the Raider wasn't pulled from the weeds. It was pulled from storage. Try and find one one like that. Ha!! When l get the hang of posting pics I will Add some more.
  9. Brought home a 69 Raider 10/6 survivor. And a 61 round hood, pulled out from the weeds.
  10. O $#/+ that's gotta hurt.
  11. Todays Haul - 416-H w/ Surprise

    Good haul!!! Happy for u.
  12. Reborn 953

    Please keep me in mind, l bought a 1054 down in LI. about three months ago. I am planning on a repaint sometime this summer. It's just been to cold here for the paint to cure.
  13. Reborn 953

    At some point l am going to. Being I have put a K- 301 on the frame rails I am considering trying to have a custom set made up. I would like the hood decal to read 1253 verses 953.
  14. Reborn 953

    I purchased this old girl from John in CT. John and his son restored and showed round hoods. Their work was meticulous. John had this 953 on CL I checked the ad day after day and finally I called. I had to have it. My first long frame. She came with a 5o" sickle bar & a 48" rotary. In between some tinkering and a fresh coat of paint I put her to work hauling trailer loads of firewood and dragging the landscape rake. By summers end the original 9.6 hp had tired out. Winter project!! I freshened up a 12 hp that was on the shelf, converted over the ignition & made it a gen/start. Installed it, turned the key and pressed the go button. She runs like a top. There's been a few other items along the way too like new tires, PTO set-up. I am sure you understand the list goes on. The thought crossed my mind to swap out the transaxle with hi/low range and maybe add a second set of rear wheels. Anyway I've rambled on long enough. Thanks for asking.