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  1. Wheel Horse B-80 videos

    Thanks hm12460! The 310-8 has 1500 hours on her but runs so smooth, I wonder if she's been re-powered. The B-80 is my go to for hauling wood. I bought that tractor for $100 and it got me totally hooked on Horses.
  2. I would love to pic up an old Round hood, or some of the slightly newer Wheel horse tractors from the late 60's early 70's.....but I want foot boards...not just the little "foot cup" thing. Anyone have any reversible mods for putting foot boards on these old "pre- footboard" tractors? Any pics would be great. Thanks.
  3. 520H equivalent in JD?

    For years I owned 2 tractors...a mighty Ford 860 and a Scotts ( john deere) 2046. The Ford was Monster. WAY more tractor than I needed. I decided to sell her off and look for something smaller. The Scotts was ALWAYS breaking down. One day I was looking through Craigslist and started to be drawn towards Wheel Horse Tractors. They were simple. They were tough. About a year ago I bought my first WH tractor , a B-80 for $100 and I was hooked. I LOVE SIMPLE. I run old 1950's Johnson outboard motors and I just love something simple to fix and built to last. A month ago I sold that stupid Scotts tractor and bought my second Wheel horse ( a 310-8 for $250...and then a snow plow. I will never spend another dime on anything but Wheel Horse when it comes to Garden tractors. IF I need something bigger I will pick up an 8n ford..But I don't see the need to. I haul all my firewood for the year with my B-80. Throw on a set of chains and I can go anywhere in the woods with a small trailer. Although John Deere may have some good tractors....I'll never own one. Simple is king and Wheel Horse Is SIMPLE. If I had to pick an equivalent of a 520-H it would be an old ford tractor like a 9n.....Tough! Small for the power it has. Everything out in the open to work on. Genius Simple design.
  4. Wheel horse 1257

    That is just awesome. I almost bought a 1257 this fall.....but it didn't look like that one!!!
  5. Wheel Horse B-80 videos

    Hey Guys! I thought some folks might be interested in a couple Wheel horse videos I posted on Youtube. I bought a B-80 last years and these videos are from wrenching on that tractor.............Like MOST of us, I had to get another WH, so this fall I added a 310-8 to my collection and then a plow! I'm far from done though! Here are a couple vids featuring my B-80. Hope you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=PostPgGDrQo https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=chMZNoFqoU0 Here are some tractor pics too. Hope you all enjoy the videos.
  6. 310-8 gear lube level

    I think I found the answer in another post. They said to go by the dip stick, that the casting of the uni-drive was made for 3/4 speed and with the 8 speed tranny the oil is above the fill hole before it gets to the dipstick. I have a b-80 with the same tranny and the two dipsticks are the same. The b-80 has lube on the stick inside the marks and when you loosen the square fill plug oil runs right out. So It seems obvious that there needs to be more oil in the trans that the original film hole will allow. I also read they didn't add the dipstick until the 6/8 speed tranny came out and the oil level ended to be higher than the hole.
  7. 310-8 gear lube level

    Thanks Ed. I'll check to make sure the tube is seated.
  8. Hey everybody, first post , love the forum. I just bought a 310-8 tractor ( my second Wheel Horse) ( my other is a B-80)...........When checking fluids, I found there was no gear lube on the trend dipstick. BUT, when I took out the square plug on the left side of the tranny lube came right up out of the hole. Is there another place you fill these trannies from to get the level up the dipstick OR do you fill until its level with the angled fill hole on the left?