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  1. Help getting more power from 8hp engine (k181)

    I've finally got back to working on the tractors. I managed to change the oil and transmission fluid in both 73 no name and c160 and replaced the fuel lines + filter in the c160. I also flattened the cylinder head on the 73 no name. It was really warped in one corner and took quite a bit of work to get it flat. I even picked up a plow blade. The guy said it was originally for a 702 I think but modified to fit a long frame. $75 for the plow and brackets. It's in rough shape but seems to function fine, I used it to move some gravel for a driveway. The 73 no name still smokes with the head fixed. It also fouled a plug pretty bad. When I get the time I'll clean up and adjust what I can and see if anything improves. I may need help with some of the adjustments as I get to them. It seems to have a lot of power still. If I can't get it to quit smoking, should it be rebuilt or is it okay to run it until it gets real bad before a rebuild? After it's warmed up a bit I can't see smoke anymore but it smokes pretty bad at first. I mainly don't want to run it beyond repair but I would like to use it for some mowing this spring to see how it goes.
  2. C160 Rims on 1973 No Name Hubs

    I was a little concerned about the lug nuts centering. I didn't want to crush the rims. I ended up tightening them some of the way and inspecting how it looked. I started them all with the rear jacked up and alternated tightening each lug nut. I think it's okay.
  3. C160 Rims on 1973 No Name Hubs

    I think I'll keep them, I may want to switch them back for mowing, or buy another Wheel Horse in the future.
  4. C160 Rims on 1973 No Name Hubs

    Here are some pictures. One picture is when I first got it. It has different rear tires and the seat is just sitting on the wheel well. A friend of mine bought it around six years ago and was going to restore it but never did. He practically gave it to me. It starts and runs okay but smokes. It seems to have plenty of power, it will pull a wheelie if I start off in third gear I found out by mistake. It was sitting all that time and started fairly easily with a new battery. I had to flatten the cylinder head and put on a new gasket.
  5. I recently put different rims and tires on my 1973 no name and found that the center on the hubs are smaller than the center on the rims. The original tires were 20 x 10 - 10 and I replaced them with rims from a C160 and put 23 x 8.5 - 12 lug tires on. I first tried chains on the tires but the plow would rub on the chains so I switched the rims out and put on the lug tires. My question is, is this okay or will it likely cause problems. The lug nuts seemed to all go on normal except I had to hold the wheel up to start the first one.
  6. Looking for plow blade and snow blower for C-160 8 speed

    That's a bit far for me to travel for a plow blade. I'm in Ohio. Thanks for sharing though.
  7. k341 carburetor and governor

    Thanks, I checked the carburetor and it is that one. It seems the same as a chainsaw except I think a chainsaw might be easier because you can tune it by ear based on "4 cycling". Since it's my first time I'll take note of what the settings are now and compare with the settings in the manual.
  8. k341 carburetor and governor

    Today I cleaned the gas tank and replaced the fuel lines and filter. I have to get a carburetor kit then I'll clean and adjust the carburetor and governor and also check the valve to tappet clearance. If all goes well I guess I'll move onto the ignition system. I forgot to look at the carburetor so I just ordered the most likely kit. My neighbor stopped by and said he thought the engine sounded good. The low idle rpm is about 1,040 and the high idle is just under 3,500 rpm. It was mostly 3,440 but sometimes fluctuated up to 3,520. In the manual it shows a "main fuel needle", "idle speed screw", and "idle fuel needle" in the picture of the carburetor. In the instructions for adjusting the carburetor it uses the terms "low idle fuel adjusting needle", "high idle fuel needle" and "idle speed adjusting screw". I guess you have to know a little about carburetors and terms because I can't tell which screw is which between the instructions and the picture.
  9. k341 carburetor and governor

    I briefly started and ran the tractor today and it started first attempt, it usually takes at least two tries but often more. The surging was way less and pretty much goes away after it's a little warm. Maybe it just needs to be used. I did put some Seafoam in the gas tank yesterday. It throttles up a little faster but if I go too fast it will want to stall or backfire. I'm planning to go through and clean things up and make adjustments according to the K341 manual. Is that the best approach or are those things generally done as needed? Reading through the manual it seems like fairly easy adjustments, I've just never done it before. I'd hate to mess up a good engine from lack of maintenance although it didn't sound bad today and I only fooled with the governor yesterday and put Seafoam in the tank. I already bought fuel line and a filter so I'll do that + clean the tank. I'll also try choking it while driving as mentioned earlier to see if it clears things up more.
  10. k341 carburetor and governor

    Hello, my new to me C-160 seems to surge a little when idling at half and full throttle. It also bogs if I go from low idle to full throttle quickly. I moved the governor back and forth with my hand then started it and right after it would go from low to high normally, then later it had trouble again. The surging also seemed to be less when I messed with the governor and the spring but doesn't go away. I plan to clean and maybe rebuild the carburetor and adjust everything. I've never done this on a tractor before. What rebuild kit do I need for the carburetor and is there anything else I should consider doing or get. I have a K series pdf manual that explains the maintenance so I'd like to go through and do everything. I just don't want to mess anything up because it seems to be in decent running condition aside from maybe cleaning up and making adjustments. I've changed the oil and transmission fluid and am moving on to the fuel system. Any help and suggestions are much appreciated.
  11. I ended up backing out of the sale for the plow. My check engine light on my car recently came on and I really didn't want to risk breaking down again. I don't think it's serious though, I unhooked the battery to reset it and the light went off and hasn't come back on yet. Before that I took it to the auto parts store to have them check it out but the port didn't work where they plug the gadget in. They said I must have a blown fuse. I got another offer for a plow blade and snow blower for $150 and I'd rather take that offer. He said the blade has the bracket also. I just have to get my truck repaired first. I have a question about the parking brake on the C-160. I replaced the brake lining and it works great but I can't seem to adjust it so the parking brake will engage. If I back the nut off so it will lock in then the brake doesn't grab well enough. Anyone know a solution?
  12. Okay, thanks. Any idea about how long the frame is? I just measured my car and it appears as though the frame would have to be 7' or more to make it hard to fit. Thanks for the help.
  13. Does anyone know if that plow could fit in a Kia Sole? Last time I took my truck out of town it broke down three hours from home. He said the blade is 4' wide. Do they come apart fairly easy?
  14. Thanks for the help everyone. I'm trying to set up a time to get it. I'm in the process of changing my transmission fluid. In the future I'll do it in warmer weather. It took too long to drain and I didn't have time to refill it this morning. I did fill it with diesel and go through the gears and then let it sit about a half hour. Started putting gear oil in and that was slow going also. I hope the engine oil is a little quicker.
  15. Are the axle bracket and blade angle lever easy to find?