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  1. Slot Hitches

    Hi Jake Just wondering what shipping/handling cost would be to send one to the UK? Cheers
  2. Greetings from Somerset

    Thanks very much. Yes, I'm definitely more of the oily rag school, it only has it's history once! I believe it also has an original pair of narrower rear wheels fitted with chevron tires (sic) so may also opt for some 3-rib fronts to suit "the look" if I can find a cheap pair of front rims.
  3. Greetings from Somerset

    That sounds like a great drink Ed!! 🍻
  4. Greetings from Somerset

    The farm workers in ancient Somerset would travel from farm to farm at harvest time & would be partly paid in cider produced on the farm itself, so the better the cider the more workers a farm could attract. There is also a fine tradition of 'rough' ciders, better known as scrumpy, which leads to your legs becoming disconnected from your brain after only a couple of pints (providing you could drink 2 pints! It sometimes had to be strained into the mug!! 😨) Cider is perhaps our best known gift to the world! http://www.madapplecidercompany.com/cider_facts.html
  5. Greetings from Somerset

    Yes, sorry, Somerset UK, where REAL cider comes from!!
  6. Greetings from Somerset

    Hi everyone, My name is Ian, and I'm a Wheel Horse newbie. I've just bought a Raider 10 8-speed on fleabay, but am still waiting to collect it due to circumstances beyond my control. I think it's a 1972 (ish) model and am itching to get it home and start playing! It has a roller with it, and a 42" (I think) side discharge deck. Have been studying the manuals and have read "From the Horses Mouth" to try and learn all I can about these fantastic little tractors. Hopefully I'll be able to post a few pictures soon! Best wishes and Seasons Greetings to you all !! P.S. photo of my Raider from fleabay
  7. Sleeve Hitch Adapter Squared

    Perhaps an even easier solution would be to weld a bolt mounted tow ball to the top of a 5/8" hitch pin after removing the loop handle?