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  1. help,stuck in reverse

    I agree....thanks for the interest. I agree......thanks for the interest. thanks. linkage was blocked by a dropped screw driver under the seat ooooops.
  2. help,stuck in reverse

    hi, it took a long time to reply, I have found the problem, I feel stupid, but this is what happened, I dropped a screw driver under the seat and it logged in transmission linkage blocking linkage, I removed it now every thing is fine. Thank you.
  3. drive belt 44 inch snow blower

    I have adjusted the pto screw and it seems perfect there's is no slipping, thanks. I have adjusted the pto screw and it seems ok,no slipping. Thanks.
  4. drive belt 44 inch snow blower

    ok,thanks for belt size,how do I adjust belt tension........ thank you very much ok,thanks how do I adjust clutch.
  5. hi I have a 520h,with 44 inch snow blower, the blower belt slips or squeals under heavy loads, does belt need replacing or its an adjustment, also what is belt # replacement. Thanks.
  6. help,stuck in reverse

    sir, I have the most respect for veterans and I thank you for serving if you did, my grand father was killed in Antwerp Belgium 16th of December 1944 when Germans launched a v2 rocket on the city, he was 3 months away from coming back home to Canada and reuniting with is family. I salute you.
  7. help,stuck in reverse

    thanks..... thanks, I will check this out for sure
  8. help,stuck in reverse

    yes it was, but now I realize that I lifted up the tractor by the hitch on back to put the stands under axle, maybe something happened then I don't know. thanks I hope. thanks very helpful, I checked it out today and it seems fine, I will continue up towards steering column. I just had a idea if I was to remove that link could I test the transmission manually by moving the gear with pliers to see in tranny works like it should.
  9. help,stuck in reverse

    ok thanks ill check this tomorrow.
  10. help,stuck in reverse

    hi I am a newbie to wheelhorse tractor,i bought a 1994,520,20 hp,wheelhorse tractor with mower and snowblower,a few days ago I back in garage to put cab,blower and tires and chains on it to prepare for winter.started it up on first turn, considering it was sitting at sellers house about 6 months, everything was fine , backed it up in garage ,worked on it a few days. When came time to leave the garage, started it up it would go only backwards, it would not go in neutral or forward. I put it back up on the jack, wheels turn free opposite sides front or back when stopped. Shifter stuck in reverse when stopped as well, how do I free it up and where is the shifter assembly located, please help thanks.